Cellphone applications are the new El Dorado for carriers

Posted in iPhone News by admin. Published August 11th, 2008

Cellphone applications are the new El Dorado for carriers

Cellphone applications are the new El Dorado for carriers

AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, and other carriers, and cell phone makers are embracing a new attitude of openness toward consumers, after seeing the Apple iPhone App Store’s success.

Verizon Wireless has said that it will open its network to any device maker that can create a mobile phone compatible with its network. AT&T has promised to also open its networks. AT&T’s pressure comes also from the fact that they have no control over the applications downloaded to the iPhones, which this carrier offers exclusively.

Nokia, new owner of Symbian operating system, has agreed to share the software with other phone makers.

On the other hand, already there are at least six major operating systems for cellphones: Linux, Symbian, Blackberry, Microsoft, Palm, and Apple. And more are coming. Google expects the first phones in its Open Handset Alliance, which will use –this fall- its Google Mobile operating system.

Google is building an operating system that could allow anyone to add applications to any phone using Google Mobile software –without going through a carrier.

Experts said in the New York Times last week that consumers may find it confusing that some applications work only for certain phones because developers do not have the time or money to adapt projects to every operating system.

People angry with NBC go online to watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics

NBC’s decision to delay broadcasting ceremonies by 12 hours sent people across the U.S. to their computers trying to find alternative video sites.

In response, NBC, who paid $894 million for the exclusive rights to broadcast the Olympics in the United States, sent request to Websites asking them to take down the illicit clips and restric authorized video to host countries.

Meanwhile, viewers posted links on blogs and on Twitter, redirecting people to German, Brazilian or Spanish-language video sites. Anonymous users uploaded more than 100 video clips of the ceremony to YouTube, but the Google’s site removed as many as it could. Similarly, some live video stream on Justin.tv were also removed.

Most of the world’s other broadcasters, including CBC in Canada, Televisa in Mexico, the BBC in Britain and NHK in Japan, broadcast the opening ceremonies live on television. “The idea of watching a 14-hour delay is repulsive,” agreed many bloggers.

NBC Olympics said in a statement: “We have a billion dollars worth of revenue at stake here, so that means we’re not public television, for better or worse.”

For streaming video, NBC created NbcOlympics.com in where they are putting 2,2000 hours online of video feeds.

Not even the YouTube Olympics dedicated channel will be available in the U.S., due to NBC’s restriction.

The International Olimpic Committee is permiting Networks to stream video this year because geographic blocking technology allows the companies to keep their broadband feeds within nacional borders.

In some cases, users illegally retransmited the feeds. In at least one case (with Germany’s ARD broadcast network), the blocking did not occur.

Embedded YouTube players packed with ads

On some embedded YouTube clips now, there are not one, but two ads: one is in the upper left corner and another superimposed over the bottom of the screen. This ad changed several times at the beginning of the clip, and then faded out. See an example on this blog).

Google has been trying to find a way to earn a return on the $1.65 billion it spent on YouTube with a variety of ad formats. None of the formats appears yet to be the golden ticket.

Google offers free search analysis tool

Google launched Insight for Search, a free tool that allows users to estimate search volume on keywords.

It compares search terms, and break them down by region and category. It is good information to help improve SEO and SEM.


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