iPhone Nano to be unveiled in January?

Posted in iPhone News, Rumor by admin. Published December 26th, 2008

iPhone Nano to be unveiled in January?

New pics hint at iPhone’s little brother

While we at TechRadar are cramming our faces with Christmas fun, the rumour mill seems unwilling to stop turning, and it seems the old stalwart, Apple, is again after the headlines with the iPhone Nano popping up once more.

Some pics have managed to surface showing a ‘screengrab’ of the iPhone 3G with its little brother alongside in a basically miniaturised version of the phone everyone is after.

The reason for the inverted commas is that this isn’t the first time we’ve heard such things… and it also seems unlikely that Apple would want to cannibalise sales of its full-size darling after only announcing it six months ago.

Anonymous tipster

Macrumors, which published the pictures sent by an anonymous tipster, is also pouring cold water on the idea of (not) Steve Jobs announcing the phone at Macworld in January, stating that it’s more than likely these are concept shots.

It also looks a lot like the version we saw appearing unofficially in China in November, which adds weight to the idea this is just a mock-up.

However, there is some reason to believe that the iPhone Nano is coming, and it would make sense to use the two year anniversary of the original iPhone to make such an announcement.

The shots shown are of a device that makes more sense than previous versions, and would negate the need for Apple to overhaul the iPhone again in the space of a year. The jump from the original to the 3G version upgraded the speed the device worked at… there’s no such obvious leap for the next generation of the iPhone.

But a change in form factor would stun the world and reinvigorate an already pretty effervescent product, meaning there would also likely be more interest in the bigger brother too.

So, if the iPhone Nano does land next month, then it wouldn’t be totally out of the blue… but don’t hold your breath.

By Gareth Beavis


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