Speck CandyShell case for the iPhone 3G

Posted in iPhone News, iPhone product by admin. Published January 25th, 2009

Speck CandyShell case for the iPhone 3G

The CandyShell by Speck has a thin hard plastic coating on the outside and a soft rubbery silicone on the inside and on the button protectors. This is very good because it protects iPhones from getting scratched in your pocket. The back side of the iPhone is the most vulnerable to scratches, but the CandyShell protects it completely. The shiny hard outer coating makes it easy to get your iPhone in and out of your pocket.

This Speck case is also very cool because if you have your iPhone laying front down on a table, and you spill water right next to it, the water will go right under the case and not touch the iPhone at all.

Another example of this case being very protective is that you can drop the iPhone and not one part of the iPhone will hit the ground at all. It has plastic over the volume keys so you don’t have to stick you finger in far to hit the them, as you do in some other cases. This is also the same on the sleep keys. The bottom has no case over it so you can easily plug it in to a charger while the case is still on.

There is only one thing that I don’t like about CandyShell by Speck. It is very hard to get the iPhone out of it. But you will probably not have this problem too often because you will love this case so much you will not want to take it off.

I would rate this case 99 out of 100. This is a must-buy case because of its easiness to use and how protective it is of the iPhone. I use it with a clear film on the front of the iPhone so that the glass face is also protected from scratches. If I were you I would not even think about NOT getting this case!

Pros: Protective against liquids and dropping it. Many cool color combinations. Easy to use. Easy access to head phone jack. Soft internal case. Can have case on while it is charging.

Cons: Hard to take off.

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