American Idol iPhone App Debuts

Posted in iPhone News by admin. Published March 11th, 2009

American Idol iPhone App Debuts

American Idol’s Top 13 contestants are about to head into the final stretch of the competition, and the show’s producers have just released an application for the iPhone and iPod Touch to help you keep up with all the drama. The snappily named “American Idol Season 8 Exclusive” sells for $1.99 in the iPhone App Store and features a mix of exclusive content and competition updates.

Each week you will be able to watch behind-the-scenes videos from the remaining contestants as they try to dazzle their way to stardom. There will be a total of 78 videos through to the finale, each in a reality show, confessional format to help you get to know each of the contestants. You can already get some videos straight from the American Idol Web site, but according to the app’s creators these are videos you won’t see anywhere else.

AIS8E will also feature bios for each contestant, a “Buzz” section with access to AI news and blogs, and a feature that lets you predict and track which Idols stay in and which get booted out. Tapping on any of the faces in the ranking section can also take you straight to the American Idol iTunes page where you can download music and performance videos of your favorite Idol.

So if you want more American Idol than you can handle delivered straight to your mobile device, then this app just might be for you.



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