Live from Apple WWDC 2009: Will we see a new iPhone?

Posted in iPhone News by admin. Published June 9th, 2009

Live from Apple WWDC 2009: Will we see a new iPhone?

This is the spot for our live coverage of Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference.

The keynote is scheduled to begin Monday at 1 p.m EDT (10 a.m. PDT). All times below are EDT unless otherwise indicated.

12:57 “Please silence all cellphones and pagers.”

12:51 Video cameras are sweeping the crowd and projecting selected images on the giant screens. The crowd watches, looking for their own faces and waving to the cameras like fans at Yankee Stadium.

12:45 Apple shares are down 3 points (2.14%). Sell on the buzz?

12:40 The developers arrive. They jostle for seats.

12:35 The big metal doors to the great hall open like the closing scene of Close Encounters, as TIME’s Josh Quittner puts it. You almost expect an unearthly light to shine from within. Rock music blares out. The press rushes forward. The TV crews occupy a platform at stage right.  The room is dominated by three giant grey screens with the big white Apple logo.

12:10 The Apple Store is down, the universal signal that new products are about to be announced.

12:00 With a full hour to wait, the sound of the press eating and greeting and trying to impress has risen to a dull roar.

11:30 There’s a long slow line for media registration. I count 52 filthy press ahead of me and another dozen behind. The PR woman who told us to come at 11:30 (8:30 PDT) takes pity and slips a few of us clip-on media badges. As the escalator carries us toward the third floor I count 70 media types still waiting in line. This is as big — if not a bigger –  media turnout as I have seen at a WWDC. They have not come today to see Phil Schiller.

A herd of developers is penned in a second floor hallway behind black crowd-control belts.

11:27 Meet CNBC’s Jim Goldman outside the press entrance chatting with Apple’s top two PR people. He’s shorter than he looks on camera.

11:25 Heading back to Moscone. The developer line is no shorter and has now slowed to a crawl.

11:00 Parked at the 4th St. Starbucks. The developers are still streaming by the window.

10:43 There’s a tangle of TV equipment parked outside the press entrance, just in case Steve Jobs shows up and walks in the front door. A newswoman from Fox Business is describing the things she “knows” about the iPhone that she assumes is going to be introduced today. “This is huge!” she says.

10:40 A software hawker at the corner of 4th and Howard tells me they opened the doors to Moscone West at about 10:30. The developers stream by, many of them looking for their apps among the hundreds pasted on the windows.

10:30 The keynote is two and a half hours away, but the line of pre-registered developers stretches up 4th St., down Minna St., and as far as I can see toward 5th St. As Microsoft’s Steve Balmer might put it, “Developers! Developers! Developers!”

– – –

Some 5,000 Apple developers have descended on San Francisco for five days of demonstrations, technical sessions and hands-on training, but the keynote — traditionally given by CEO Steve Jobs — is headliner and usually packs the Moscone Center main hall.

This year, with Jobs on medical leave, marketing vice president Phil Schiller and a team of Apple execs are scheduled to lead things off, but a surprise appearance by the ailing CEO cannot be ruled out.

The theme this year is software: Mac OS X Snow Leopard and iPhone 3.0 (hence all the oversized app icons pasted like subway graffti on Moscone West’s ground floor windows).

“One year later. Light-years ahead,” reads a banner above the registration tables that manages to mix a metaphor (time and distance) and get the dates wrong — unless of course the “one year” refers to the 2008 unveiling of the iPhone 3G and is promising a similar unveiling at WWDC 2009.

If there is to be a grand unveiling, who will do the honors? When we know, you’ll know.



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