Will Android phone and iPhone succeed in Korea?

Posted in iPhone News by admin. Published November 15th, 2009

Will Android phone and iPhone succeed in Korea?

KT confirmed to launch Apple iPhone within this year. Yes, I’m still unsure on this ever since they keep delaying with this release date. We still curious that is this will be iPhone 3G or 3GS.

During delay with iPhone release in Korea, we are about to have Android phone at the same time through local mobile manufacturers like Samsung, LG and Pantech who need to defense their market share from Apple iPhone.

Many people saying that Japan’s mobile market is closed market like Galapagos Islands but, I think Korea is just like same as Japan for the mobile market status. Apple made deep impact to Japan’s mobile market and it’s confirmed by recent news of Softbank who servicing Apple iPhone in Japan.

Our mobile market is lead and guided by 3 top carriers and their followers of 3 top mobile manufacturers. Motorola was the only company selling their mobile phones in Korean market. Now, there are couples of more like Nokia, Sony Ericson, HTC and Blackberry. Actually, they didn’t made any impact in Korea for few months compare to their brand name in overseas. But, Apple iPhone already changes many things in our mobile environment from government to carriers even before mobile phone released. Quite impressive, isn’t it?

Most of you had a chance to play with iPhone until Android phone came out, so have right angle and eye to compare what is better and worse when the Android phone released.

Unfortunately, smartphone market is introduced in Korea about 2 years back and iPhone and Android is about to released in Korea at the same time. I¡’m not sure how many of us can have right choice when we have various selections of mobile OS and phones at sudden.

I already wrote about the ActiveX issue in Korea’s internet environment. We are unable to surfing around in Korea site without support of MS Windows. Also, we don’t have many followers on Facebook, Twitter or MySpace which most of those smartphones start to adopt on their UI. Well, there are similar services are available in Korea but, most of that site won’t work smoothly on those mobile platforms.

How about app markets? Apple AppStore isn’t available in Korea, how about the Android market? Same as AppStore. Local carrier SKT start with AppStore business but, it isn’t match able as those global AppStores in quality and quantity wise since developers and purchaser is very limited. KT planning to launch Android AppStore in Korea but, not too sure that can also work in Korea.

Android and iPhone has most recent mobile platforms and both has various applications to sync or connect to SNS and else but oriented in international markets not Korea even from the languages. What do you think? Will both mobile phones succeed in Korea after its release here?

Recommend me for my selection here, I was waiting for Apple’s iPhone for years and now I’m facing another hottest mobile OS based Android phone. What would you do in my position? Please note that I’m unable to purchase 2 mobile phone and share single USIM like some of you may do. We are not able to switch USIM that simple as you do at home.

[Thanks: http://asia.cnet.com]


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