Another app pulled from the iPhone App Store, this time it’s Pixelpipe

Posted in iPhone News by admin. Published March 30th, 2010

Another app pulled from the iPhone App Store, this time it’s Pixelpipe

After over a year in the iPhone App Store and a half dozen separate approved submissions, Apple has unfortunately decided to remove our application from the store. While I admit we were cutting some corners to provide functionality outside the API we were not using any private APIs & just being creative with-in the bounds of the of the public media directory.

What were we doing wrong? Simply scanning the contents of the DCIM directory to create a list of the photos & video. This provided our users with the capability to quickly multi-select any media from their photo gallery for upload instead of the one at a time functionality provided with-in the official API.

What makes this most unfortunate though is the fact it was another developer that complained about the functionality we were providing outside the official API, Apple was forced to react to the complaint & remove our application.

In Apple’s defense I have to say they did provide us with a week to update our application before removal from the store. Unfortunately the requested changes were so extensive that we were not able to complete the work in the time allowed. We have an update in the works & will be resubmitting next week for approval. Apple has offered to expedite the testing which was cool as well.

While we’re huge Apple fans at Pixelpipe I have to say the restrictions put on developers is a real concern. If developers are able to innovate & provide a better user experience with-in the bounds of an official OS release without harming the user then what’s the problem?

After working in mobile for over a decade, I have to credit Apple for “changing everything” & allow developers a real opportunity to distribute apps outside of the carriers garden. I only hope they will learn by Nokia & Google’s example and allow developers to innovate to provide a better user experience without having to hack or jailbreak the OS.

This is simply a notification to our users why they will not be able to find Pixelpipe in the iPhone store for the time being. We’ll look forward to announcing our return soon enough & bringing some additional features to our iPhone user base with our next release.



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