If And When An iPhone Comes To Verizon, Will Anyone Still Care?

Posted in iPhone News by admin. Published August 16th, 2010

If And When An iPhone Comes To Verizon, Will Anyone Still Care?

So we are three years later and still no iPhone on Verizon and guess what the world hasn’t come to an end. As a long time Verizon Wireless customer, when the iPhone was first announced I was like as soon as it comes to Verizon I am getting it.

But these days though, I am just not so sure and yes I have seen the survey that says at over half of Verizon customers are waiting for an iPhone, I just don’t buy it. I mean,  do I still think that the iPhone has perhaps the best UI and aesthic of any phone on the market, yes. My issue now though is that in and of itself is no longer enough. When the iPhone first came out, there was nothing like it and it blew everyone else out of the water and then came Android.

If And When An iPhone Comes To Verizon, Will Anyone Still Care?

The Android OS is taking the mobile phone market by storm the same way that the iPhone did a few years ago. Google has quickly taken Android from something that held a lot of promise to a product that is almost even with the iPhone OS in terms of capability and aesthetic appeal without those pesky antennae problems. The only thing that Apple has over Google with the iPhone is that they make the hardware and the software for their phone and Google lets handset makers pretty much do what they want to do with their OS but by doing that initially they have gotten their OS on more handsets allowing it to become even more entrenched on carrier networks, especially Verizon. Here is a fact, people like Android and generally have the same complaints about resource and memory management that people have about the iPhone. With this recent wave of new Android devices on Verizon including the HTC Incredible, Droid X, Droid 2, and the rumored Droid Pro, Android OS is definitely in vogue with VZW customers.

The people that are causing these devices to sell out from Verizon, represent a large portion of VZW customers. The deal here is that those people have now just entered into a new two year contract for the most part and while a few of them would break their contract for a Verizon iPhone, I doubt the average person would pay the  complete unsubsidized cost just to get an iPhone and so what does that mean? This means that those people would be another year and a half away from possibly jumping over to an iPhone if it came to Verizon in January as some predict, which of course I don’t. It makes more sense to target the release of the Verizon iPhone around the time these recent Droid owners contracts they just got into are expiring which would be almost 2 years from now.

If And When An iPhone Comes To Verizon, Will Anyone Still Care?
So What Doesn’t Droid Do That The iPhone Does?

I still say that if Apple ever wants to have any real impact on Verizon’s network they have about 2 years at the most to get the iPhone to its customers because after that Android will be completely entrenched as the casual phone users OS of choice the way the iPhone is on AT&T and Blackberry with its release of its Blackberry OS 6 may have recovered to again put an even tighter vice grip on the business user market. After that, where does the iPhone fit? So here’s a question to my fellow Verizon customers, if an iPhone comes to Verizon would you drop your Droid phone for it? Would you break your contract or would you wait it out? At this point, do you see any real reason to get rid of your Android based phone in favor of an iPhone? As I said in the title, if a Verizon iPhone did happen, would Droid owners even care?

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