New iPod touch 4 with camera and microphone – why upgrade?

Posted in iPhone News, iPod Touch, Rumor by admin. Published August 29th, 2010

New iPod touch 4 with camera and microphone – why upgrade?

The Apple press event planned for September 1 is expected to bring news of a new iPod touch for 2010, which could be called “iPod touch 4” following on from the iPhone 4 name change. The feature list could also follow iPhone 4, but some users ask why make an iPod touch with iPhone-like features?

What if the new iPod touch 4 came with a camera and microphone, would you upgrade? The appeal for the iPod Touch is the fact you do not need a new data plan, can listen to music, use apps, play games, use the internet, and take pictures if the new version has a camera.

Having a mic would make it easy to use FaceTime, which could include a simple data plan like the iPad has for video calling on the new iPod. If you already have a phone you’re happy with, and want a new iPod touch then the 4th generation will be a worthwhile upgrade rather than the iPhone 4

The same goes for those that have an iPod touch and love the features so much they want an iPhone, three of my family members had an iPod touch and sold it because they loved iOS so much they wanted the iPhone, which made the iPod touch redundant.

Those that only play games and listen to music on their iPod touch may not want the new features coming from the fourth generation device, so upgrading could just be a waste of money.

Where do you stand? If the new iPod touch includes a microphone, front and back-facing camera, Retina display, and FaceTime, would you upgrade and why?

You may also want to see the results of a poll asking our readers what’s more important to them, iPod touch 4G or the White iPhone 4.

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