Gowalla app for Android and iPhone updated with Love button and more

Posted in iPhone News by admin. Published September 24th, 2011

Gowalla app for Android and iPhone updated with Love button and more

With over 2 million users of its Android and iPhone app and several others visiting the mobile website in a short span of three years, Gowalla has announced some user friendly updates. Some of these include the Love button, introduction of Social Guides, and replacement of Trips with List.

The most significant update highlighted by the company is Social Guides. This new feature is made up of a list of 60 cities to start with and 100 more are coming soon. Deriving data from local updates by users, recommendations from experts, and several other inputs, this feature will act as a guide to the particular place. Also, as a result of strategic collaborations with Disney, National Geographic, the Austin American-Statesman and more, Gowalla will also add 20 exclusive places to the catalog of Social Guides.

The new Love button is no less than the ‘Like’ option which is popular these days. The company has attempted at expressing their passion by renaming it. Other new inclusions, rather makeovers, comprise Lists and improvements in Highlights. Lists, which was earlier known as Trips, will now be more accommodating while Highlights are made more easier to access. The checking in concept has also been widened, henceforth to be known as stories. The arrangement of befriending users has also evolved, putting forth the option of ‘Following’ each other.

The upgraded Gowalla app for the iPhone and Android devices is now available for download. And for existing clients, they might have to bear some bumps as the process of enhancement formulates entirely over the next few weeks.

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