A new iPhone that looks like the old iPhone? Really?

Posted in iPhone News, Rumor by admin. Published October 3rd, 2011

A new iPhone that looks like the old iPhone? Really?

I know that some people love the excitement just because it’s so very, well, exciting.

But the latest, and perhaps even most luminous, rumor about what Apple will announce on Tuesday might leave some feeling a little deflated.

Gizmodo Brazil has managed to infiltrate Apple’s security at the Foxconn factory in Brazil, or so it claims, and says it has managed to secure images of a new iPhone.

You will want to rush over there now. You will want to wake your friends from their pallid stupor and tell them Christmas has arrived two days early.

So it might look something like this.
(Credit: CC Yutaka Tsutano/Flickr)

But just before you do, might I tell you that this new iPhone is allegedly an iPhone 4? And it looks just like, well, an iPhone 4.

However, the rapid conclusion that is reached–without taking breath–about these startling new images is that Apple must, just must, be announcing a new, cheaper iPhone 4 that looks like an iPhone 4.

This might well be true. After all, Al Gore did let slip not so long ago that there would be more than one new iPhone.

And, Gizmodo says, this particular iPhone 4 has a new model number: N90A, a number that has already been linked with a new iPhone.

However, it is also just possible that this alleged new iPhone 4 (dubbed iPhone 4S) might mean that the new iPhone 5 won’t be such an exciting development–hence the need to release more than one iPhone to create a little more (as if it were needed) news.

That’s the thing with excitement. It always seems more enjoyable when what happens is something you don’t expect, rather than something that seems, well, not that exciting at all.

[Thanks: http://news.cnet.com]


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