SIM for iPhone 4S Locked by Sprint

Posted in iPhone News by admin. Published November 14th, 2011

SIM for iPhone 4S Locked by Sprint

Recent reports have indicated that the SIM of new iPhone 4S devices will be locked by Sprint (NYSE:S). This will reportedly stop the world phone capability of the device. The report indicated that the SIM of the Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone 4S will be unlocked by company if it is taken out of the country and users have satisfied some conditions set by the company.

A confirmation on the locked SIM was made by Sprint for the domestic and international calls using the iPhone 4S of the company. However clients who are in good standing with the company for a minimum of ninety day can have SIM card unlocked if they travel out of the country. The locking of the SIM will be done once the iPhone 4S is activated.

Due to this it will not be possible for users to utilize another SIM when the users go out of the country, which would make it costly to utilize the device once the users go out of the country

A Sprint memo has indicated that the SIM of the iPhone 4S will be locked and clients who want use their smartphones outside the country will be passed on to Sprint Worldwide.

However clients who were able to acquire their iPhone 4S before the release of the memo will continue to enjoy an unlocked SIM card. This will allow these users to utilize a local SIM if they travel to another country, which is not as expensive to use when going out of the country.

Both AT&T (NYSE:T) and Verizon (NYSE:VZ) have lock the SIM cards for the iPhone 4S, which would indicate that the Sprint deal will be similar to that of its competitors.

However Verizon only has a sixty day period for users to show that they are of good standing before they can request to have their SIM cards unlocked for use outside of the country. Once the SIM is unlocked, the world phone features of the iPhone 4S will be utilized by the users.



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