Apple iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S5: iPhone 6 Top Features That WilL Kill Samsung Galaxy S5

Posted in iPhone News by admin. Published March 31st, 2014

Apple iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S5: iPhone 6 Top Features That WilL Kill Samsung Galaxy S5

Apple’s iPhone 6 will not launch until later this year but it has been making headlines already. Numerous patents and acquisition have surfaced pointing to a revolutionary iPhone. According to recent reports, the device will sport a sapphire glass display, oleophobic coating that ensures a smudge and scratch-free surface, self-adjusting power system and two screen sizes. Will the reported features put the iPhone 6 ahead of Samsung Galaxy S5?

Chief analyst at ESM-China, Sun Chang Xu predicted that the next iPhone 6 may feature a weather monitor. Apple Insider reported a similar patent wherein a smart device uses sensors to monitor external conditions. According to Chang Xu, the iPhone 6 can be equipped to track humidity, pressure and temperature.

According to the analyst, the source of the information is from within Apple. The person happens to be working under the MEMS – micro-electromechanical systems unit of the company. The device will no longer rely on third party applications. Likewise, a report from The Register, the smartphone may also determine or track both conditions of the owner and their environment.

If the sensors will be included in the iPhone 6, this means Apple wants to target and follow its rival Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy S4 has weather tracking capacity. Other reported features of the device that analysts feel can push iPhone 6 further than Samsung Galaxy S5 include:

  • Sapphire display resistant to fingerprints/Oleophobic coating – Apple has struck a deal with GT Advanced technologies for around $500 million. The coating prevents oil from a user’s fingertips from settling on the touchscreen.
  • New power management system – a recent patent filing spotted describes a technology that can track user habits and adjust the battery life and performance of the device to address needs better.
  • Remote control accessory – another patent about camera remote control on a smart device under Apple has been spotted. This describes an accessory that connects to the smart device through wireless link (WiFi and Bluetooth). People can take pictures and capture videos easily.

Apple has yet to announce the final details of the iPhone 6. There will also be two sizes: 4.7 and 5.5-inch.



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