Hands-on with the uNu Aero wireless charging system for Apple iPhone 5s

Posted in iPhone News by admin. Published March 30th, 2014

Hands-on with the uNu Aero wireless charging system for Apple iPhone 5s

Wireless charging is a convenient way to keep your smartphone charged up. The uNu Aero system adds wireless charging along with an extra capacity battery pack.

uNu Aero retail package

I am a fan of wireless charging on your smartphone and have a few Qi wireless charging accessories. The iPhone doesn’t have support for this out of the box, but there are cases that provide wireless charging options. The latest one I had a chance to test out is the uNu Aero Wireless Charging battery case and mat.

You have likely seen Mophie iPhone battery packs before and when you first pull out the Aero you might think you have a Mophie in your hand. They uNu Aero system is designed with two parts for the case and a metallic charging mat. The iPhone easily slides into the back of the case, making the connecting at the bottom with the Lightning cable. You then snap the front cover frame piece on to keep your iPhone securely in the case.

There are front openings below the iPhone where the audio is redirected from the speaker and into the microphone. There are blue battery status indicator lights on the back, to the left and right of the power button. You press and hold the button for three seconds to turn the charging case on or off. You will also find the labeling on the center with two metal contact points running along the center of the back. There is also an opening for the camera and flash.

When you set your iPhone in the case on the mat you will notice there are magnets holding the iPhone securely to the mat. They aren’t strong enough to pick up the mat with the magnetic connection, but it keeps it from sliding around. You can place your iPhone on the mat in either direction, but you must make sure that you span the two sides of the mat with each connection point. The charging mat is surprisingly quite light and is powered up via standard microUSB.

Since the case connects via the Lightning connector there is some added bulk at the bottom. Thus, uNu includes a short 3.5mm headset connector dongle so you can use your favorite headset. You also now get a standard microUSB port at the bottom that you can use to charge up the case and your iPhone if you aren’t using the wireless charging mat.

The case doesn’t use Qi technology so you do have to use the included wireless charging mat to charge up the case and your iPhone. The case has a battery capacity of 2,000 mAh so yo gain about 85 percent additional capacity over your iPhone 5s internal battery. It takes about 4-5 hours to fully charge a dead iPhone 5s wirelessly, but if you just set it there during the day or at night while you are doing other things you may find it a convenient way to keep your iPhone 5s topped off.

The matte finish of the case feels great in your hand with some additional thickness, but sleek curved lines and minimal weight. This is a fully Made for iPhone certified product as well.

The uNu Aero Wireless Charging Battery Case and Mat is available now for $99.95 available in matte black color. They also make a charging system for the Samsung Galaxy S4.

You can also pick up an extra conductive charging mat for $24.95 in case you want to add one at the office or another location.

[Thanks: http://www.zdnet.com]


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