8 GB iPhone 5c Rolls Out to More Countries, ‘Flop’ iPhone 5c Outsold Others in Q4

Posted in iPhone News by admin. Published April 22nd, 2014

8 GB iPhone 5c Rolls Out to More Countries, ‘Flop’ iPhone 5c Outsold Others in Q4

Apple’s price cut lower-storage 8 GB iPhone 5c has now rolled out to other countries. It is currently available in over 15 countries.

Recently, 8 GB iPhone 5c has been launched in the Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic and Belgium. Apple’s online store for these six countries has shown the lower storage 5c as a stock, ready to ship in 24 hours upon order.

The addition to 16 GB and 32 GB editions of iPhone 5c, Apple 8 GB 5c also rolls out in Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Luxembourg, Ireland, Hungary, Finland, Denmark and Austria. This variant was introduced by Apple in March in Australia, Germany, France, the UK and China.

But if you are an Apple loyalist in the U.S., the 8 GB 5c is unfortunately not yet available as Apple does not want the pricecut variant because there are famous subsidized phones in the U.S.

Consumers expressed more preference for the 5s over 5c. In January, CEO Tim Cook of Apple acknowledged 5s has more sales than the 5c.

Umeng, an analytics company in China, found 5c as taking 2 percent of the network traffic. iPhone 5 and 5s take 15 percent and 12 percent, respectively.

The birth of the 5c variant is one of the changes Apple made to counter the rise of devices that run Google’s Android. Apple usually competes with Android devices in terms of price in September. For this year, a price cut smartphone has already come.

Meanwhile, the original 5c version which has been dubbed as a “flop” because of its low sales has been thriving well. Its notable record was seen in the last quarter of the preceding year, where it actually surpassed the sales of Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Android flagship phones, including Samsung Galaxy S4.

The tech industry has been complaining about 5c’s “failure” as Cupertino was not putting much of its innovation zest into the model.

But Apple’s current flagship 64-bit with touch ID iPhone 5s soared up in sales and performance globally. Apple sold 51 million iPhones in the winter quarter; 12.8 million of which were iPhone 5c while 6.4 million were iPhone 4s and 31.9 million were iPhone 5s.

[Thanks: http://au.ibtimes.com]


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