Apple iPhone 6 ‘leaked pictures’ show scratch proof logo and new volume buttons

Posted in iPhone News, Rumor by admin. Published August 11th, 2014

Apple iPhone 6 ‘leaked pictures’ show scratch proof logo and new volume buttons

Luxury iPhone modifiers Feld & Volk say alloy Liquidmetal will be used to make the logo almost completely scratch-proof

Leaked: iPhone 6 shell parts

New pictures have emerged which appear to show scratch proof alloy Liquidmetal being used in the new iPhone 6.

The material is designed to make the famous Apple logo nearly impossible to mark, according to luxury iPhone modifiers Feld & Volk.

The Moscow-based designers say new pictures show the final design of the iPhone 6 including recessed buttons down the side, designed to stop the user accidentally changing the volume.

Apple has reportedly expressed interest in using Liquidmetal in products in the past and speculation has even suggested the technology giants could use the material in the phone’s body.

According to manufacturers, Liquidmetal is stronger than titanium but can still be molded into intricate shapes.

Logo: Could the famous symbol be made from Liquidmetal?

Speculation had been rife the smartphone’s new casing could use a light-up logo, which could let you know when a message had arrived or even when it was going to rain.

The illuminated logo has been a rumoured feature in most updates of the iPhone since it launched in 2007.

But the new pictures indicate this idea has been ditched in favour of a more traditional look.

It is also looking less and less likely the near-indestructible sapphire crystal will be used on the phone’s screen  – at least to begin with.

Rumoured iPhone 6
Retail glory: Is this the handset in its full packaging ready for the shelves?

Market research team TrendForce LEDInside say Apple will not be able to make enough of the much-anticipated and heavily rumoured glass screens in time for the release date.

Insiders expect the iPhone 6 to be launched on September 9 and Apple remain notoriously tight-lipped about any details surrounding the new handset.

It comes after new pictures were leaked appearing to show the product packaged and ready to hit the shelves.

The photographs show the phone in a box and were released by a source close to an Apple beta tester, according to technology website

Premium Version of iPhone 6

New features on the smartphone will also include a super-fast WiFi chip and an improved Touch ID fingerprint sensor, according to reports.

The handset could also feature Apple’s next generation A8 processor which could give the smartphone a huge performance boost.

It will come in two sizes, with a 5.5 inch screen and a 4.7 inch screen, though it is thought the models will have a staggered release to avoid competition.



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