iPhone 6: ‘Leaked’ images show new Apple handsets in all their super-slick glory

Posted in iPhone News, Rumor by admin. Published August 27th, 2014

iPhone 6: ‘Leaked’ images show new Apple handsets in all their super-slick glory

Just 13 days ahead of launch date, images posted to Chinese version of Twitter were swiftly deleted – but ‘press shots’ show sleek design and highly polished finish

Slick imagery: Are these official publicity shots of the new iPhone6?

Slick new images of the highly-anticipated Apple iPhone 6, seemingly of good enough quality to be official press material, have found their way on to the internet.

A picture, purporting to be a genuine Apple marketing render, was posted in an ‘accidental’ leak by China Telecom on the country’s equivalent of Twitter.

iPhone 6 rumours

Imminent launch: The slick images incorporate previously leaked features

The image shows three handsets side by side, silver black and champagne, in colour with the epithet ‘iPhone 6. Even Better’.

It shows the rounded edges the handset is expected to have when the highly-anticipated new model is unveiled in a fortnight’s time on September 9.

The images depict many of the features shown in other leaks over the past few months and look like a slick offering in general.

 iPhone 6 rumours

Stacked and ready: Speculation on the new handset design is reaching almost hysterical levels

Tech enthusiasts have just 13 days to wait for the official unveiling so we don’t have long to wait to see how accurate these images are.

Earlier this week new photos, apparently taken inside the Chinese factory making the iPhone 6, revealed details about Apple’s next generation smartphone.

Rumoured to be diagrams of the iPhone 6

Leaked: These images were apparently taken at the factory where the iPhone 6 is being made

The pictures, which appear to be photographs of schematic readouts, and show the logo of manufacturing facility Foxconn, ad were published by French website iGen.

They appear to confirm the existence of an iPhone with a 5.5″ display – codenamed N56. The larger handset is listed as 158mm long, 78mm wide and 7.1mm thick – which increases to 7.7mm with the camera, which protrudes slightly.

The weight is listed as 184.6g, significantly more than the current iPhone 5S, which weighs in at 112g.

[Thanks: http://www.mirror.co.uk]


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