Man Builds Working iPhone in Minecraft

Posted in iPhone News by admin. Published October 17th, 2014

Man Builds Working iPhone in Minecraft

A German Minecraft player has built a working version of an iPhone in the game.

No, it doesn’t have all the functionality of an actual iPhone. It also lacks the rounded edges and sleek design Apple is famous for. But a quick reminder– it’s built in Minecraft in creative mode. The fact that it can do anything more than exist as a large piece of scenery is an achievement in an of itself.

The video is entirely in German, which is a real treat if you happen to speak the language, but even if you don’t, the video is worth a watch. In it, the creator shows off some of the functionality of the iPhone, including swiping by running Steve across the screen and unlocking by having Steve jump from button to button. He even shows off some of the apps, like Facebook and YouTube, and plays some music too.

In the video’s comment section, the creator explains that “It uses just over 25,000 command blocks,” but he thinks that with the new commands in 1.8 it could be pared down to “just” 5,000.

The whole project is quite charming, honestly, and it’s very cool to see an iPhone in Minecraft instead of just Minecraft on an iPhone. People have built computers in the game many times, utilizing complex series of red stone bricks, switches, dust and pressure plates, and those builds tend to be enormous. It would seem that the structure in the background of the video is the one doing the processing of the “minePhone,” as it looks similar to other such Minecraft computers.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever built in Minecraft?



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