Microsoft optimizes Skype for iPhone 6

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Microsoft optimizes Skype for iPhone 6

Skype — on various iPhones. Microsoft

The new mobile version of Skype takes advantage of the larger screen sizes of Apple’s latest iPhones.

iPhone 6 users will be able to see more of Skype courtesy of the latest update to the mobile app.

Released Wednesday in Apple’s App Store, Skype 5.6 for the iPhone offers an optimized and scaled interface for the larger-screened iPhones, Skype said in a blog post. Specifically, the new version displays more of your chats in chat mode and more of your messages in conversation mode.

Launched last month, the iPhone 6 offers a 4.7-inch screen, while the iPhone 6 Plus is equipped with a 5.5-inch display. The new version of Skype ensures that you see as much as possible on the screen whether you’re using one of the new iPhone 6 handsets or an older and smaller model, such as the iPhone 4 or 5.

What other improvements will iPhone users find in the new version of Skype?

Presence indicators now appear in the “recent” list. Such indicators tell you whether a person is currently online. The number of contacts and timezones now show up in your contact profiles. You can mark individual conversations as read or unread. And turning on “do not disturb” mode automatically disables notification sounds.

This is the second update to Skype for the iPhone since Apple released iOS 8 last month. On September 22, Microsoft released Skype 5.5. for the iPhone, which tapped into the new extensions in iOS 8 to bring you interactive notifications. That means you can answer calls and respond to text messages directly from the lock screen and notification center on your iPhone.



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