Chinese Man Dropped $82,000 On 99 iPhone 6 Devices To Propose To Girlfriend: Yes, She Turned Him Down

Posted in iPhone News by admin. Published November 13th, 2014

Chinese Man Dropped $82,000 On 99 iPhone 6 Devices To Propose To Girlfriend: Yes, She Turned Him Down

It is never easy to look into the eyes of your partner and ask them for their hand in marriage. One can never tell what could take place in such a situation. She could take a guy’s guitar and use it as a weapon, or perform a simple but effective slap in the face.

This guy didn’t get a slap in the face, nor did he receive a guitar to his head. However, he did buy 99 iPhone 6 devices to create the most elaborate nerd proposal in a long time. The guy managed to use all 99 iPhone 6 handsets to form the outline of a giant heart, which he and his girlfriend would stand in.

Apparently, he thought it was the right time to propose to his girlfriend, especially with Single’s Day on Nov. 11 looming in the background. Single’s Day is an annual event in China, and we’re confident no male who is without a wife or girlfriend is looking forward to the event.

(Photo : Weibo) Not even the sight of 99 iPhone handsets in boxes, lined up to form a giant heart, could change the way this girl felt about marrying her boyfriend. That’s rough, very rough.

We should point out that the iPhone devices cost the young man a whopping $82,000, so indeed, he must have run the moment of no return a million times through his head before saying this is the right thing to do.

For our young friend here, however, his girlfriend said no. To make matters worse, his friends and colleagues were at the ceremony, probably hoping to get a free iPhone 6 for all their troubles. They might not have gotten a thing due to her saying no, so work is going to be awkward for a while.

At the end of the day, we’re sure our young little Chinese programmer is crushed, but at least he’s the owner of 99 iPhones. If he’s wise, he’ll resell these devices and make a lot more than what he spent to purchase them. After all, a recent Chinese study shows that one in five men in the country would rather have an iPhone than a girlfriend.

Chances are, this issue has a lot to with Siri. She’s a sassy one, isn’t she? We agree.

Our little friend here has 99 problems, but with 99 iPhone 6 devices, not having a girlfriend isn’t one of them.



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