How to Get Old iPhone Ringtones Back

Posted in iPhone News, iPhone Tips by admin. Published December 28th, 2014

How to Get Old iPhone Ringtones Back

Do you miss your old iPhone ringtones? Do you long for the sound of the Marimba and Xylophone over your iPhone speakers when you receive an incoming call? We’ll show you how to get your old iPhone ringtones back and where to find the old iPhone text notifications without spending any money.

Apple moved the old iPhone ringtones during an update last year, and delivered a new default iPhone ringtone and text message sound. If you don’t like these, you can quickly revert to the old iPhone ringtones and alerts.

Apple now calls these the classic iPhone ringtones, and they are still on your iPhone in the settings for your sounds and contacts. You can make the old iPhone ringtones the default for everyone, or just for a special caller so you know who is calling. Here’s how to get old iPhone ringtones back on your iPhone.

If you are trying to get your purchased iPhone ringtones back after installing iOS 8.1.2, this is not the guide you are looking forward. To get those back go to on your iPhone.

How to Get Old iPhone Ringtones Back

Heres how to find and use the old iPhone ringtones on your iPhone. This works on any iPhone running iOS 7 or newer, including the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus on iOS 8.

Get your old iPhone ringtones back.

Open up Settings and Go to Sounds. From here you will need to tap on Ringtone halfway down the screen to choose your old iPhone ringtones. On the next screen scroll down until you see Classic. Tap on Classic to open the list of old iPhone ringtones.

Choose Ringtones and then Classic.

On this next page you can choose the old iPhone ringtones. The Marimba ringtone is the default old iPhone ringtone. Tapping on this will make it your new ringtone.

Marimba is the old iPhone ringtone you used to hear daily.

To get your old iPhone text alerts back, you go through the same basic process, but tap on Text Tone or the other alerts to choose an old text tone from the Classic Menu.


If you want to use this for a single contact, you need to start by opening the contact from the main Contacts App. In the contact, tap Edit in the upper right corner. Halfway down the screen you can tap on the Default listing next to Ringtone or Text Tone. Next, tap on Classic and choose the tone or ringtone you want to use.

You can also set the old iPhone ringtones for your contacts.

You can repeat this across all of your contacts to set up special tones for all of your contacts if you want, using the new or the old iPhone ringtones or text tones.

You don’t need to buy the old iPhone ringtones from the iTunes Store, but if you want other new iPhone ringtones, you can tap on Store in the upper right corner of the tones page to buy new ringtones. Most ringtones are $1.29 for a section of a song or a small melody.

Users can also set custom vibration alerts for your contacts or for your default vibration alert. If you think the new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus vibration is too intense, you can use this to settle it down a little bit.

Go to Settings -> Sounds -> Ringtone -> Vibration -> Create New Vibration. From here, you can tap out a custom vibration alert that is better suited for your needs.



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