Wow! $70 off Apple iPhone 6

Posted in iPhone News by admin. Published December 17th, 2014

Wow! $70 off Apple iPhone 6

Snag an Apple iPhone 6 at Walmart for $70 off the $199 retail price.

The unadvertised price of $129 for a new 16 GB model is available only in stores that sell cell phones (not all do). (Same for Samsung Galaxy S5 for $79).

You must eligible for an upgrade and sign a new 2-year contract with AT&T Verizon or Sprint to get the deal.

If you’re out of contract and switch to Verizon, here’s a deal scenario that may get you the iPhone for free with a new charger kit and more than $60 to spare, too.

Try this semi-complicated deal scenario at Best Buy:

Go to Best Buy customer service and ask for a Walmart price match. The store will have to call Walmart to verify the unadvertised price (per its policy) and match the iPhone 6 at $129.

New Verizon Edge customers get a free $150 Best Buy gift card. Also, buy the phone online and ship to store and score a get a free $39.99 Belkin charger set.

Want the Android? Get Best Buy to price match the Samsung GS5 at Walmart’s $79 price. (Best Buy has that phone on sale for $99.99 this week.)

Can’t beat that!



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