iPhone 6 survives a fall from space

Posted in iPhone News by admin. Published January 27th, 2015

iPhone 6 survives a fall from space

The iPhone 6 is a thing of beauty, but like most smartphones you don’t get the impression that it’s particularly strong.

That’s where a case comes in and if you want the absolute pinnacle of protection you’ll want to invest in something along the lines of what Urban Armor Gear (UAG) creates. The company’s cases already meet military drop-test standards but recently they decided to go one step further and test how one of them fares in space.

To do this they put an iPhone 6 in a composite case with no screen protector and launched it over 101,000 feet into the air, taking it into the stratosphere, as reported by Metro.

The flight rig included two GoPro cameras, 1 GPS locator and a backup phone with GPS and active tracking installed in order to capture and track the flight. As such you can check out all the action in a short video they made.

In all the flight lasted over three hours and covered 12 miles across the ground. The phone endured temperatures of as low as -79 degrees Fahrenheit (-61.6 degrees Celsius) and winds as strong as 70 MPH.

During decent the flight rig withstood a 150 PRM rotation and while this wasn’t a drop test as such, given that a parachute was deployed before landing, it looks like it hit the ground quite hard as the video shows.

The iPhone 6 was on during take-off but at some point it shut down due to the freezing conditions. However upon landing it was still in one piece and more surprising still it powered on and was fully functional.

So the iPhone 6 could be tougher than you realised. But if you want to be totally confident that it’s protected you could do worse than invest in a case that’s survived a fall from space.

[Thanks: http://www.3g.co.uk]


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