74.5m Sold: What’s So Special With The iPhone 6?

Posted in iPhone News by admin. Published February 3rd, 2015

74.5m Sold: What’s So Special With The iPhone 6?

The news that Apple have recorded the biggest quarterly profit in history may not come as a big shock when you consider that the vast majority of the $18 billion was due to the number of units sold of the iPhone 6.

Official statistics show that an amazing 74.5 million of them have flown off the shelves and of course that far outstrips other phones that may have been deemed as their competition. This then begs the question, what is it about this phone that is so special?

Is It Because They Were First?

Perhaps we should consider first of all that, in the world of smartphones, Apple were the first company to bring a phone of this type to the market in huge numbers. Think back several years to the clamour that surrounded the launch of the initial iPhone and how people were simply taken aback by the technology in the smartphone. The idea of apps and personalizing your phone to such an extent really did revolutionize the industry.

However, perhaps then we could argue that the reason why the iPhone is so special is simply because there are a number of people that have owned it from the outset and there is undoubtedly a section of the market that buys Apple products as soon as they come out. This, in turn, artificially inflates the sales figures as they are not starting from zero, but this should not take anything away from the fact that the phone itself is actually rather good.

The Features On The Phone

This latest iPhone is larger in size, but is also thinner at the same time. The phone also comes with a brand new retina HD screen and it boasts some of the best wireless speeds of any smartphone on the market. They have also increased the storage capacity of the phone that sits at the top end of the range to 128GB and the camera has been stepped up a level with a far superior autofocus option compared to earlier models.

The phone is slick and smooth, the apps are very clearly displayed and the operating system has come on leaps and bounds from the earliest versions way back when the iPhone was launched. In short, this phone is special because Apple have taken what worked well on previous models and just taken things up a level or two resulting in a phone that is going to blow your mind both in its simplicity as well as its ability to perform at a superior level to anything else.

So what we are saying is that

  • Apple have a group of fans that would automatically buy the iPhone 6 boosting numbers.
  • The iPhone was the first phone of this kind on the market and that alone helps sales.
  • This version is the biggest yet, but is thinner than before.
  • Apple have improved on features that were already the best around.

Apple Flagship Store Opens In Hangzhou

The crazy part is that these sales figures will pale into insignificance when the next version is released as there is always that desire to have the latest iPhone and to see how it is better than the previous version. Apple are the biggest company in the world and with the hold that they have on this market it is difficult to see anybody usurping them any time soon.

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