How the iPhone 7 Can Be an All-Kill Like the iPhone 6, Tech Giant Busy Prepping for iCar

Posted in iPhone News by admin. Published February 23rd, 2015

How the iPhone 7 Can Be an All-Kill Like the iPhone 6, Tech Giant Busy Prepping for iCar

Apple nailed it when it decided to go with the trend and offer bigger screened handsets. It has been five months since the release of the iPhone 6 and the market’s attention now shifts to what the company is planning. As the year progresses, talks about the iPhone 7 have started with many wondering what the tech giant has up its sleeves. Apple may not be ready yet to reveal the details of its next smartphone but there are several things it can do surely to replicate or beat the iPhone 6 success possibly.

More than just the Touch ID and its inclusion in Apple’s succeeding iPhones, Forbes Anthony Leather feels that the company should offer a smartphone with a bigger battery and longer battery life. The debate over sacrificing battery life for aesthetic purposes has been around for a long time. The Leather feels that the iPhone 6 is too thin but he would more agreeable to a thicker phone for longer battery life. Apple has not been able to boost the iPhone’s battery life since the release of the iPhone 5. Users will need more luck seeing their phones stay on for a day following heavy use requiring at least charges per day.

To compliment the battery life, Apple should also try to improve the charging rate/time of the its phones. Leather demonstrates how the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus can jump to 90% in just two hours when plugged using the official 2.5A iPad charger instead of the standard 1A charger. Apple has not released any details about the expected iPhone 7 release.

The company appears busier working on its suspected car. According to Reuters, the company has been hiring “big brains in car battery space.” The report also highlights that one year and a half a go the company filed for eight auto battery-related patents. Likewise, it has been hiring a legion of engineers with one of them linked to 17 patents in his career according to Thomson Reuters analysis. Same with the iPhone 7, the company remains mum about its upcoming “car.”



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