How To Make iPhone Faster: Tips and Tricks To Speed Up Slow iPhones

Posted in iPhone News, iPhone Tips by admin. Published February 3rd, 2015

How To Make iPhone Faster: Tips and Tricks To Speed Up Slow iPhones

Those who just don’t want to let go of their old iPhones and upgrade to the latest versions with bigger screens, can still get great speed on their device by adopting a few tried and tested tips to clean it up.

These tips work on devices ranging from the iPhone 3GS, to iPhone 5 and even the iPhone 5C, irrespective of whether they are running earlier operating systems or the latest iOS 8.

Shutting down apps that might be putting the brakes on the speed of your device is a very effective way of improving speed. If your device is running iOS 7 or later you can just click twice on your phone’s home button to bring up a list of active apps, after which you can just swipe from the bottom towards to the top to close them.

Switching off background processes is another great way to get a faster iPhone if you are using iOS 7 and iOS 8. This trick can even help the battery of your phone to last longer.

Going to your settings and turning off the ability of your phone to automatically refresh content on apps running in the background, is another way to ensure that your battery does not drain out while downloading such content.

Deleting apps is a radical method to get your iPhone to run faster, and you can do it by navigating to Settings > General > Usage where you can check the amount of space each app consumes using the manage storage feature. Then you can go ahead and delete apps which you do not require. However, when you do this you have to ensure you end up with about 1GB free space, as this can help your phone run faster.

Finally restarting your phone by depressing the sleep button for five seconds is a tried and tested way to shutdown apps that are silently slowing down your device.



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