iPhone 7 Release Date Features: Shatter-Resistant Screens Could Come Later This Year, Thanks To Gorilla Glass Company

Posted in iPhone News by admin. Published February 10th, 2015

iPhone 7 Release Date Features: Shatter-Resistant Screens Could Come Later This Year, Thanks To Gorilla Glass Company

The iPhone 7 release date is still some time away, but the spec rumors cease to let up. The latest speculation comes hot off the heels of a Corning announcement — the company that makes Gorilla Glass. At a New York investor meeting, Corning executive James Clappin introduced the company’s Project Phire — according to Cnet. In the past, utilizing sapphire-like displays provided great scratch resistance, but were nowhere near shatterproof. Though the iPhone 7 could feature both thanks to Corning’s Phire project.

According to Clappin, Corning is looking to merge the best of both worlds with their new glass technology. Via Cnet,

We told you last year that sapphire was great for scratch performance but didn’t fare well when dropped…So, we created a product that offers the same superior damage resistance and drop performance of Gorilla Glass 4 with scratch resistance that approaches sapphire.”

Corning’s Gorilla Glass 4 already being used in many devices like the Samsung Galaxy line of phones and, of course, Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. It wouldn’t take much for Apple to simply move their newest iOS device to the new glass display technology. Though what may be the most interesting take away from Corning’s is when tech companies can expect this new glass technology.

The Gorilla Glass company will reportedly start selling the Project Phire glass display later this year. With this glass tech coming out sooner rather than later, we’ll likely see it reach the iPhone 7 — maybe even 6S. We wouldn’t hold our breaths for Apple to update their current iPhone 6 with the glass. Cupertino isn’t one to change products mid-stream but hey, there’s a first time for everything.

The iPhone 7 rumors don’t stop there. Patents indicate that we may see the Touch ID sensor expanded from just the home button to the entire face of the screen. This would allow Apple the ability to get rid of the home button an entirely and replace it with a gesture or make the Apple logo on the back a sort of home button sensor. This would also allow the company to shrink the bezels of their smartphone offering. A change that’s sorely needed on the iPhone 6 Plus. A 5.5 inch device doesn’t have to be that unwieldy — just ask the competitors.

We’ve still got a bit of time before Apple unleashes their iPhone 7 on the world. Which is better for consumers in a way: Corning’s Project Phire is just one the many components used in making an iPhone. We can’t wait to see what other various upgrades can be added to make the coming iPhone worthy of the moniker 7.

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