Skype for iPhone now links with third-party apps and websites again

Posted in iPhone News by admin. Published February 10th, 2015

Skype for iPhone now links with third-party apps and websites again

Skype has today announced it is finally returning support for URIs (uniform resource identifiers) to its iPhone app, eight months after it was temporarily dropped.

This move means that third-party developers can link their iOS apps and mobile websites directly with the Skype app on an iPhone, letting a user click a phone number or Skype username to initiate the desired action — such as a phone call or instant message (IM).

Skype caused a bit of fuss last June when it released version 5.0 of the iPhone app, which brought in an improved and redesigned interface. But it also removed a handful of features, including voice-messaging and URI support. While the latter of these omissions would likely have gone unnoticed by many users, it did catch the attention of some developers who were miffed as to its exclusion.

For Skype, this means that it’s more likely to be used as the default calling app on someone’s iPhone, given that a user can simply tap the Skype logo on, say, a restaurant’s website to place a call. And for businesses, it means less friction for a potential customer to contact them.

Elsewhere on version 5.10 which is available to download now, the Microsoft-owned company revealed that it has made some improvements to the phone dialer, letting users save numbers that have been entered (but not yet dialled), as well as numbers from their recent calls’ list.



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