Bigger Battery, Slimmer Profile for iPhone 6S on Release Date as Apple to Adopt SiP Module – Report

Posted in iPhone News by admin. Published March 11th, 2015

Bigger Battery, Slimmer Profile for iPhone 6S on Release Date as Apple to Adopt SiP Module – Report

Apple is reportedly tweaking the inner configuration of the iPhone 6S in time for its rumoured release date in the second half of 2015, leaving the next iPhone slimmer than ever but with longer-lasting battery. This will be made possible by System in Package (SiP) module design, a new report said.

SiP is currently in use with the newly-launched Apple Watch and according to G4Games, the tech giant is seriously considering the expansion of the system to the next-generation iPhone. The tech blog site cited Chinese-language China Times as source of its information.

Thanks to SiP, Apple Watch engineers have beautifully stacked up the important components – such as the application processor, memory module, storage and sensors – into a single package and successfully freed up precious space inside of the timepiece. The module design is seen as largely responsible for wearable device’s long battery hours, which Apple said will last at least 18 hours in a single charge.

If the China Times report will prove correct, Apple will soon abandon the smartphone standard Printed Board Circuit (PBC) in favour of SiP. The shift will be gradual, G4Games said, and it is expected that on rollout later this 2015 the iPhone 6S will have an integrated rendition of the PBC and SiP modules. Then for the iPhone 7 that likely will come out in 2016, SiP will be fully adopted.

Killer design and functionalities

Switching to SiP will permit Apple designers to further trim down the next iPhone, the report noted, pointing to the possibility of an even thinner iPhones 6S and its phablet sibling, the iPhone 6S Plus. In utilising the extra inner space afforded by the module, the iPhone maker can then finally deploy a bigger and more powerful battery pack with the 2015 flagship.

This would mean that the iPhone 6 sequel will boast of extended operating hours and it’s not theoretical at all. Recent reports have suggested that for this year’s iPhone, Apple will source its application processing requirements from Samsung and the latter will manufacture the A9 chip using 14nm FinFET process technology.

The main upgrades that A9 will deliver are better CPU muscles and higher energy-efficiency. Complementing them is the iOS 9 that in earlier reports is said to largely focus on these step ups – performance, stability and lower power use.

Still, these remain in the speculation stage and confirmation will only come if and when the iPhone 6S becomes a reality. At any rate, the device release date is predicted to happen between September and October 2015.



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