Force Touch Will Likely Lead To Pricier iPhone 6S Plus

Posted in iPhone News by admin. Published April 7th, 2015

Force Touch Will Likely Lead To Pricier iPhone 6S Plus

Force Touch in the next iPhone is reportedly designed for the larger screen, likely for the iPhone 6S this 2015 or the iPhone 7 release date next year. But the latest word from Asia pinpointed the 5.5-inch iPhone 6S Plus as the first smartphone recipient of the screen-embedded sensor.

According to G4Games, Apple is most likely to use Force Touch display sensor beyond the Apple Watch. The report pointed to Chinese-language as source of its information. UDN claimed that the Force Touch business would prove a growth generator for its Asian supplier as Apple is set to order the component in higher numbers.

The local media report noted too that the rumoured inclusion of Force Touch with the next-gen iPhone strangely omitted the regular-size iPhone 6S. Going by the available details, one can safely assume that Force Touch is an exclusive 6S Plus feature, G4Games added on its report.

Why the 6S Plus?

Limiting Force Touch to the 6S Plus somehow makes sense, the blog report said, adding that Apple did the same thing with its 2014 flagships – deploying them with distinct flavours. For one, the iPhone 6 Plus was unboxed with a better killer camera as its rear shooter is hardware-equipped with optical image stabilisation or OIS.

That and the larger screen, compared to the iPhone 6’s 4.7-inch display spread, allowed the 6 Plus to easily stand out. In effect, the more premium offerings justified Apple’s decision to retail the 6 Plus with a higher price tag – starting at $750 in unlocked state or $1000 plus in many markets such as China.

Now with Force Touch and a gigantic 5.5-inch screen profile, the same could be seen with the iPhone 6S Plus. And this is not a remote possibility as the report above pointed out that Apple stands to incur higher production cost if indeed the new screen sensor will be unpacked with the 6S Plus.

“As the iPhone 6S Plus will pack a much larger display, the Force Touch sensor for the aforementioned phablet will also be 2.5 times more expensive ($13-14) than the sensor fitted on the Apple Watch,” G4Games said. In bringing Force Touch to the Apple Watch, the tech giant spends a high of $5 per unit.

While it was not mentioned in the report, the possibility also surfaced that in time for the iPhone 7 launch in 2016, Force Touch could become a smartphone standard for Apple as the device was earlier reported to sport a 5-inch display panel. And with better production technique, cost wouldn’t be as high as the current year.

The iPhone 6S release date is not expected until September or October this 2015. But with mass production rumoured to start as early as May this year, actual availability of the iPhone 6 sequel could come in advance – likely in late August.



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