iPhone 7 Release Date News: 3 Feature Upgrades The Next iPhone Badly Needs

Posted in iPhone News, Rumor by admin. Published April 9th, 2015

iPhone 7 Release Date News: 3 Feature Upgrades The Next iPhone Badly Needs

Instead of the iPhone 6S, the world should expect the iPhone 7 release date from Apple. Ming-chi Kuo of KGI Securities said in his latest note that the next iPhone is packed with major upgrades that a revamp is required for the 2015 refresh, hence the huge leapfrog.

Specifically, Kuo talked about the high likelihood that Force Touch sensors, introduced with the Apple Watch, will be on board with the upcoming iPhone model. The upgrade, he added, is not compatible with the 6S design so Apple needs to reengineer its flagship device.

Should that be the case, the next iPhone needs more than a sensor update, impressive as it is. In a blog post, iOS app developer Marco Arment made a pitch on how the iPhone 7 could be improved, effectively. Emphasis should be on functions and not merely on form, Arment said, adding that the iPhone maker needs to learn from the mistakes made with the iPhone 6.

“I hope the next iPhone doesn’t have as many physical design and usability flaws as the 6 series,” the developer said. Arment highlighted three important upgrades that the iPhone 7 needs to deliver:

Strong emphasis on usability

There is little doubt that the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus reflects Apple’s obsession on “visual symmetry,” but in achieving that end compromise come into play. One good example is the reconfiguration of control keys that forced long-time users to make adjustments anew.

Arment admitted that he was caught off guard when the sleep/wake button was re-located opposite the volume rockers. To visualise his confusion, the blogger shared: “Many months into ownership, I still sometimes accidentally hit both buttons.” Design, the blog post said, must give equal weight on aesthetics and functionalities, which hopefully the iPhone 7 will improve on.

Portability and ease of use

Sexy as the iPhone 6 is, the slim form-factor is many times negated by the realisation that a thin and large-screen mobile device is not exactly easy and comfortable to use. One-hand use is no longer natural with the iPhone 6 and more so with the 6 Plus.

Then moving around with the device was not the same with the 4-inch iPhone 5S. Slipping the iPhone 6 in and out of the pocket is a challenge. All the more when actually using the device as the device’s build material feels slippery and fragile. This area needs urgent correction that Apple should implement with the next iPhone, Arment observed.

Bigger battery

Lastly, one upgrade that Apple fans would readily embrace is better battery for the next iPhone. A slightly thicker iPhone 7 with 50 per cent more of energy juice will not lose its sexiness at all, Arment observed. In fact the extra heft should afford better grip to the device that users will surely appreciate.

While Kuo has a good track record of providing spot-on predictions on Apple products and services, it remains to be seen if 2015 will prove the release date year for the iPhone 6S or the iPhone 7. As the usual case, Apple provides no comment on the matter.

[Thanks: http://au.ibtimes.com]


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