New iPhone App Pride Study, Built To Solve LGBT Health And Wellness Woes

Posted in iPhone News by admin. Published June 29th, 2015

New iPhone App Pride Study, Built To Solve LGBT Health And Wellness Woes

The Pride Study, as the researchers dubbed it, was recently launched to target the LGBT community. The research aims to create a deeper understanding on the health needs of the LGBT members. How do you join? Well, it’s quite cool since Apple’s iPhone, through the Apple store, is hosting its app for data gathering.

Aside from iPhone, the study is also being powered by the platform ResearchKit, which was developed by the researchers from the University of California San Francisco and was revealed during the “Spring Forward” event of Apple. The platform has already created more apps that helped researchers go through piles of data from breast cancer, asthma, diabetes, Parkinson’s and cardiovascular disease studies before.

[ResearchKit is] “perhaps the most profound change and positive impact the iPhone will make on our health,” as Apple CEO Tim Cook described it, being a proud member of the LGBT community.

With the increasing number of HIV cases and it’s treat to the community because of late diagnosis, co-director of the Pride Study, Mitchell Lunn is very much hoping that this would help address the health issues of the bisexual and transgender individuals which has become an understudied part of the LGBT community.

“The main question there is, what is the relationship between being LGBT — or more broadly a sexual or gender minority person — and mental and physical health,” Lunn says.

The researchers are optimistic in potential data returns as they tapped into iPhone’s ginormous user base in gathering their vital data, since finding subjects to come in a clinic for a study is very much tedious. Today, iPhone users can just simply tap here and there and download the Pride Study app to join.

A series of surveys will greet participants. This would enable the researchers to screen eligible candidates for the study. Also, the team will be collating feedbacks from suggestions of health topics from the members.

If you are or have friends who consider themselves a part of the community and lives in the US territory, you can join the Pride Study and download the app. So far it is only available through the Apple App store but UCSF researchers promised to make it available for other potential participants who are not using iPhones.



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