New iPhone 6S Photos Confirm Apple Increasing Size

Posted in iPhone News, Rumor by admin. Published September 3rd, 2015

New iPhone 6S Photos Confirm Apple Increasing Size

One of the criticisms regularly leveled at smartphone makers if their phones have become too thin. Predictably Apple has been on the receiving end of a lot of this as every new iPhone has been thinner than the last. Until now…

The ever reliable MacRumours has now confirmed rumours that have been floating around for months: the iPhone 6S will indeed be larger than the iPhone 6.

How does it know for sure? Because the well connected site has managed to attain a fully assembled iPhone 6S chassis allowing precise measurements to be taken and from this we learn:

  • iPhone 6S measurements: 138.19 x 67.68 x 7.08 mm
  • iPhone 6 measurements: 138.1 x 67 x 6.9 mm

The good news is these changes shouldn’t prove too noticeable, though they do equate to a 3% overall increase in size. Should this lead to a proportional weight increase that would mean the iPhone 6S will tip the scales at 133g (132.87g) vs 129g for the iPhone 6.

iPhone 6S full assembled chassis measurements - Image credit MacRumours
iPhone 6S full assembled chassis measurements – Image credit MacRumours

MacRumours has also learnt that the iPhone 6S Plus will also get slightly thicker, moving to 7.3 mm from 7.1 mm. Though the site doesn’t have details on any other measurements.

Perhaps the most practical fallout from these increases is they may prove just big enough for existing iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S cases not to fit. This would be frustrating, but I’ve argued many times that these new phones will be targeted at owners of the iPhone 5S and earlier rather than expecting a generation-on-generation upgrade.

Reasons For The Size Increase

Given Apple’s trend to always make each iPhone thinner, what could be causing the slight increase in bulk this time round? There are two likely culprits:

  1. The switch to 7000 Series aluminium which video evidence found to be far stronger
  2. Integration of the new Force Touch sensor

iPhone 6S full assembled chassis measurements - Image credit MacRumours

Meanwhile ever eager case makers are clearly confident about the new numbers since many already (including Spigen) have already announced full iPhone 6S product lines based on the larger numbers.

In fairness to these case makers, details that filter through regarding new iPhones this close to launch have a very sound track record. The only problem is these slightly bigger iPhones still look set to come with smaller batteries…



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