iPhone 5se (iPhone 6c/iPhone mini) UK release date, specification and size rumours: Apple expected to launch on 15 March 2016

Posted in iPhone News, Rumor by admin. Published February 8th, 2016

iPhone 5se (iPhone 6c/iPhone mini) UK release date, specification and size rumours: Apple expected to launch on 15 March 2016

Barely weeks after the new iPhones launched in September came the inevitable rumours of next year’s models. Here we take a look at the rumours of a 4-inch mini iPhone which is expected to launch on 15 March 2016. Updated: 5 February 2016 with updated release date.

Not everyone wants a big phone, and the latest rumours point to Apple returning to a 4in screen, the size used for the iPhone 5, 5S and 5C. AppleInsider says that analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s predictions in the past have been accurate and his latest is that there will be a smaller option in Apple’s 2016 lineup to cater for the demand which still exists for smaller phones.

The KGI analyst’s note suggests that mass production will begin in the first half of the year. Further leaks and speculation have suggested that the iPhone might be launched on 15 March 2016, which has left many puzzle about its name. It’s unlikely that this is a leak from Apple, but rather that Kuo has contacts in Apple’s supply chain. He says Foxconn is the most likely to get the exclusive contract to build the rumoured phone.
iPhone 5se: Name

If the phone is indeed released on 15 March 2016, it would not make any logical sense for it to appear under the iPhone 7 tag as it is due for release in September 2016. This means that if it were to be released in March 2016, we could see it named under a different name. The current rumours around the phone suggest it will be named as the iPhone 5se, and not as the rumours initially suggested as the iPhone 6c, iPhone 7c, iPhone 5e nor even as the iPhone 7/6 Mini.

We find the name of the device to be a little odd, as we would have expected it to fall under the iPhone 6 or 7 range, rather than the older iPhone 5 generation line. If the rumours do end up being correct, then we will be a little surprised by Apple’s decision to keep the iPhone 5se – it will definitely be the first iPhone with two characters after the number.

iPhone 5se: Specifications

If Apple does make a 4in iPhone, it’s pretty easy to guess that it will have the similar specifications as the previous iPhone models.

  • Display: We see it measuring the same size as the iPhone 5s, which will mean a 4in phone. We don’t see the phone coming out with 3D Touch, a feature found in the lastest iPhones.
  • Processor: We expect it to be shipped out with the A8 that’s found in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. However, Apple could surprise us and bring out the iPhone 5se with the improved A9 chip found in the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.
  • RAM: We predict the phone will come with 1GB of RAM DDR3, identical to the iPhone 6’s specifications.
  • Storage: It’s safe to assume the phone will come with a minimum of 16GB. However little is known about its maximum capacity. We don’t feel a 128GB variant will be released, but we could potentially see a 64GB version of the phone. We feel Apple will have a 16GB and 64GB model only, similar to what is currently offered with the iPhone 6.
  • Camera: We expect to see the 8Mp rear-facing and 1.2Mp front facing cameras found in the iPhone 6 to be ported over to the iPhone 5se.
  • Battery size: Batteries are always a talking point, and with the iPhone 5se rumours, there are also speculations about its battery size, where some Chinese manufacturers are reporting a 1642mAh battery, which would make it a smaller battery over the iPhone 6 (1810mAh) and iPhone 6s (1715mAh), but larger than its predecessor the iPhone 5c (1510mAh).
  • Connectivity: We expect the phone to come with an NFC chip, Bluetooth 4.2 and hopefully the enhanced 802.11ac WiFi chip found within the iPhone 6s. These hardware components are expected to be found inside the iPhone 5se, purely based on the demand from consumers and constantly evolving technology.
  • Design: It is safe to assume that the iPhone 5se will include a 3.5mm headphone jack, as its design is predicted to be identical to the iPhone 6.
  • Other features: It’s unclear if we will see it come with Touch ID, but it seems now likely for it to be included.

iPhone 5se: Other rumours

There is an image floating around the internet (see below), which suggests a leaked photo of the iPhone 5se. We cannot verify if this is the actual phone itself, but others seem to believe that it’s genuine.

With that said, with any rumour take it with a pinch of salt, as earlier in 2016 a video of the iPhone 5se was supposedly leaked and genuine, but then later turned out to be fake.

On 27 January 2016, we were informed by Mobile Fun of their Ringke Fusion case in Smoke Black and Crystal View that’s been listed on their site for £14.99. The interesting part to note here is not the availability of the cases, but rather the new 4in iPhone being named on Mobile Fun as the iPhone 6c and not the presumed iPhone 5se. So far, no pictures are provided of the cases, so we cannot get an inkling on the look of the iPhone.

According to a Japanese financial newspaper Nikkei (via AppleInsider), Apple started its production for the 4in phone over a year ago. Little is known if Apple was only making prototypes or the final product.

[Thanks: http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/ ]


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