iPhone 7 leak suggests ‘thinnest, smoothest handset ever’

Posted in iPhone News, Rumor by admin. Published February 5th, 2016

iPhone 7 leak suggests ‘thinnest, smoothest handset ever’

Revisions to the design of the rear of the phone on the cards, and a new dual-camera leak

New details regarding the Apple iPhone 7 have reportedly been leaked.

According to Macrumours, a source close to Apple with a reliable track record of leaking accurate information has given the clearest indication yet of what to expect when the iPhone 7 is revealed in September.

According to the source, the chassis of the phone will be extremely similar to that of the iPhone 6, with two noticeable revisions.

The first change will be an alteration to the camera which will result in a slightly different look around the aperture. Apple is said to be interested in using a thinner and smaller camera module on the iPhone 7, and doing so would remove the bump the aperture currently creates on the body of the iPhone 6 and 6S, meaning the back of the phone would be smooth and flush.

Forbes says there are three more advantages to introducing the new, flush design. At the moment, when the iPhone is placed on a table, the protruding module becomes irritating as the bump makes the handset wobble. The change also means that such a delicate part will no longer be a continual point of impact when putting the phone down and that third-party case designs will be much simpler.

The other revision is said to be a change to how the antenna bands work on the handset. At the moment, the bands on the iPhone 6 models create white borders on the rear of the phone, meaning the top and bottom of the handset are divided awkwardly. Critics have called the current design unsightly – a criticism Apple may have taken to heart.

According to the source, the antenna bands will still remain exposed on the exterior of the phone, but the bar dividing the rear of the handset visually into three sections will be removed, making for a smooth, all-metal finish.

There have been whispers in the past that Apple is not satisfied with the design of the iPhone 6. Last year it was reported that the company had filed a patent for a new anodized metal design for future handsets which would allow wireless signals to be received strongly with a full metal case. iPhonehacks touted it as a possible addition to the iPhone 7.

The source did not add any information regarding the dimensions of the handset, but it is expected that the iPhone 7 will be slimmer than the iPhone 6 and 6S. Strong rumours have suggested that Apple will controversially remove the headphone jack from the device in order to reduce the thickness of the phone substantially.

Regarding the rumour that Apple will could introduce a ‘dual-camera’ equipped iPhone 7 Plus in September, Macrumours also has new information.

According to sources within the supply chain, Taiwanese, Japanese and Chinese camera manufacturers have sent Apple examples of potential iPhone dual camera setups for testing ahead of potential inclusion in the iPhone range.

It is not clear at this time how a change to the internals of the camera to make it flush with the bodywork will factor in to the dual-camera rumours.

In December, an episode of the US TV show 60 Minutes said the tech giant has more than 800 engineers working on the cameras and detailed the intricate process behind creating a smartphone camera for an Apple device. Around the same time, early rumours of the next iPhone coming with a dual-camera set-up were beginning to do the rounds on the internet. Since then, the reports have modified to accommodate the rumoured third iPhone 7.

[Thanks: http://www.theweek.co.uk]


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