iPhone 7: does new technology hold key to thinner device?

Posted in iPhone News, Rumor by admin. Published April 3rd, 2016

iPhone 7: does new technology hold key to thinner device?

Slimmer and lighter device said to be on the horizon thanks to ‘fan-out packaging’

Apple’s desire for thinner and lighter devices will step up a notch with the release of the iPhone 7, if Korean news site ETNews is to be believed.

Using a new type of technology called “fan-out packaging”, the website says Apple will attempt to shave off precious millimetres from the device’s chassis.

ETNews says the development will even improve battery life and signal strength. Specifically, the technology will be applied to the device’s antenna switching module and radio frequency (RF) chip.

“Fan-out packaging technology essentially makes certain chips more powerful and efficient while also making them smaller,” says Tech Insider. The theory goes that this will allow Apple to reorganise the components in the iPhone 7 more efficiently. The website also claims ETNews has been a reliable source in the past for Apple news.

Using fan-out packaging should increase the density of Input/Output terminals within a package, permitting smaller chip sizes, says ETNews. Apple’s competitors will soon start using the technology as well, it adds.

A further boost to Apple comes from the website Bustle, which reports that the new technology could cut down on interference from outside wireless communication, a flaw that has bugged some Apple users since the iPhone’s inception.

Shrinking the chassis of the iPhone 7 is believed to be a high priority for Apple, according to Apple Insider. The website speculates that on top of the fan-out packaging, the company may also be planning to increase its use of single-chip EMI (electromagnetic interference) shielding, allowing components to sit more closely together.

It is unclear whether the fan-out packaging would be introduced instead of the rumoured decision to remove the headphone jack on the iPhone 7, news that has not gone down well with some customers.

[Thanks: http://www.theweek.co.uk]


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