Costume Quest Comes to Your iPhone or iPad

Posted in ipad, iPhone Game, iPhone News by admin. Published October 14th, 2013

It took multiple restraining orders to convince me that I was too old to trick-or-treat, and when Costume Quest first launched on PSN and XBLA in 2010, I was ecstatic. Finally, the ability to knock on strangers doors without hearing things like “what the hell are you doing in my house!?” Or, “for the last time, we don’t have candy! It’s February you maniac!”

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My Month With An iPad

Posted in ipad, iPhone News by admin. Published October 2nd, 2013

When the iPad came out, legal technologists did what they always do to try and appear relevant — they went crazy. If you don’t read anything written by legal technologists, let me summarize: 1. New shiny toy or software or app comes out; and 2. Legal technologist feverishly writes that it’s a “game changer” for lawyers.

Although anytime a new Apple product comes out it creates a feverish vibe, bringing unemployed lawyers and other Mommy’s-basement-dwellers and their lawn chairs and tents to Apple Stores everywhere, the iPad, nothing more than a big iPhone, was different. Books would be written, and CLE seminars for which no state Bar would ever consider giving CLE credits entitled “iPad for Lawyers,” or “How Lawyers Can Use an iPad,” or “Using the IPad, for Lawyers,” sprouted up all over the country. We were all told we had to have one because… because.

I, hoping it wasn’t true that the legal technologists trying hard to find a way to make a living telling everyone that law practices would “die” without one, ignored the hype and continued to try and get by with a laptop. I first saw an iPad in court when a lawyer showed me his and said, “Look, you can watch movies on it.” Having never had the thought of watching a movie in court, I didn’t see the urgency to get one, plus, of course, I hate technology. Hate it.

Three years and a couple hundred clients later, I asked my daughter if the iPad 2 sitting in her room collecting dust was available for Daddy to use. It was time to see the miracles that would come my way by carrying around a big iPhone with a pink cover…

I first deleted about 100 game apps. Then I added a PDF reader app, another app to sign PDFs that I have on my Android, and… yeah, I think that’s about it. I see it has an email app and an internet app. Amazing. Mine also has 3G because although I know it’s blasphemy, I don’t spend my days in coffee shops scarfing free Wi-Fi pretending I’m living the life of a lawyer.

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Lineal Timeline Lets You Visualize History (Or The Future) On Your iPad

Posted in ipad, iPhone News by admin. Published October 2nd, 2013

A new app for iPad called Lineal Timeline launched recently, offering a way to scroll back through historical events from centuries prior, as well as create your own personal timelines using notes and photos from your device’s library. Though appearing deceptively simple, the app’s goal is fairly ambitious: it wants to be able to present all of history in minute-by-minute detail in the iPad’s interface, without overwhelming the user with information.

The answer comes in the form of an iOS 7-only iPad application from a company called Apposite, founded in 2011 by husband and wife team Greg Wieber and Colleen Clery. Greg had previously launched music app Polychord in the iTunes App Store, before the two teamed up on Apposite. The company’s first creation was Microcosm – an experimental sound toy that grabbed a headline on Gizmodo in early 2012.

Lineal Timeline, however, has been on Colleen’s mind for years. She began working on designs for the app back in 2010, after being inspired by the iPad’s capability to organize research and thoughts. Explains Greg, Colleen is dyslexic and has been frustrated by how information is often presented in isolation. “For her, understanding comes through placing things in context – by contrasting fields of study, building connections between them, and discovering common themes,” he says.

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