Halloween apps bring chills and thrills to iPhone and iPad

Posted in iPhone download, iPhone Game, iPhone News by admin. Published November 1st, 2010

Happy Halloween! Apple has its own Halloween round-up on the App Store here, and I’ve been rocking most of the same apps I covered a couple of years ago. We’ve also got a few apps, costumes and interactive books on our Halloween tag page. A search in iTunes for “Halloween” will yield hundreds of apps… of varying quality.

I highly recommend Angry Birds Halloween, in both the HD and regular versions, as they deliver all the fun of Angry Birds with new levels, a spooky background and jack-o-lanterns. Doodle Jump, another addictive game, has been decked out for Halloween. A quick look at the store will show you that a good number of other games and apps have received similar treatment for the holiday.

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Meekoo 1.4 iPhone and iPod Touch

Posted in iPhone Game, iPhone News by admin. Published October 24th, 2010

107qnhu Meekoo 1.4 iPhone and iPod Touch

Help the Meekoos onto their pads! Shoot, slide, and bump Meekoos onto their pad. Watch out for the crazy evil Meekoos blocking your way!

***Universal App! Works on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad! ***

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Farmville comes to the iPad

Posted in ipad, iPhone Game by admin. Published October 23rd, 2010

Zynga, the game powerhouse behind many successful Facebook and now iOS games, has launched its mega-popular Farmville strategy game as its first app for the iPad. The company has updated its existing free Farmville iPhone/iPod Touch app to be truly universal, creating new layouts, custom graphics and new gesture controls for the iPad “HD” edition. Users can tend to farms on any of Apple’s mobile iOS devices, as well as through the web.

Zynga claims over 60 million players for Farmville overall, or about one percent of the earth’s population, and says about 100,000 “gifts” are sent between iPhone/iPod Touch users each day. It first became a phenomenon on Facebook, but like many of Zynga’s other games has moved on to other platforms. In addition to Farmville for the iPhone and iPod Touch, the company also offers Scramble, Live Poker, Mafia Wars, Vampires: Bloodlust and Street Racing.

Farmville for the iPhone and iPod Touch launched in late June and has regularly been in the top 25 for the games category since. Zynga is said to be working on an Android version of the game as well, but no launch date has been announced.

[Thanks: http://www.macnn.com]

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