iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 release date: What will be missing from Apple’s new iPhone on release day

Posted in iPhone Game by admin. Published August 20th, 2013

It’s almost here: Apple’s new iPhone, expected to be unveiled September 10.

But for the first time ever, it may not be greeted by howls of excitement and big crowds when the doors open at the Apple store.

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Warhammer Quest combines Rodeo Games’ talent with the Warhammer setting

Posted in iPhone Game, iPhone News by admin. Published June 5th, 2013

Warhammer Quest was originally announced way back in August last year, and now it’s finally arrived on the iOS App Store, for a price of US$4.99. The game is indeed based on the old board game (set in the great and goofy British Warhammer universe), but it’s also made by Rodeo Games, most famous for creating the popular Hunters series on iOS. Rodeo knows how to make turn-based strategy both interesting and easy to control on the iOS touchscreen, and that’s exactly what they’ve done here, essentially translating their top-down, grid layout strategy title into the Warhammer universe.

In Warhammer Quest, you pilot a crew of various fantasy-based heroes (warrior, mage, archer and shieldbearer are the core classes, though a few more are available via in-app purchase) through dungeons, clobbering orcs, goblins and any other baddies who happen to step in your way. Each hero has their own set of movement stats and abilities, and you pick up items and extra loot as you play, earning more and more options in battle. Just like the Hunters series, the interface is clean and clear, and it’s very easy to navigate your heroes around the dungeon. It’s not quite as easy to use spells and abilities (most of them are, strangely, buried in an interface rather than easily accessible), but still, the setup makes sense once you play with it a bit.

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Go ‘all in’ on this poker game for iPhone, iPad

Posted in iPhone Game, iPhone News by admin. Published June 3rd, 2013

Step up to the table in this funny poker sim from Telltale Game.

The only thing better than having some laughs with your friends in a poker tournament is when you’re playing against familiar pop culture characters, earning prizes and not risking losing real money.

This is what you can expect from Telltale Games’ Poker Night 2, a very fun — and funny — poker simulation for Apple’s iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Just like the recently released console and computer versions, Poker Night 2 lets you play Texas Hold ‘Em (or Omaha Hold ‘Em) against animated characters such as Ash from Army of Darkness, Brock Samson from Adult Swim’s The Venture Bros., Sam from the Sam & Max comic books and video games, and the robotic Claptrap from Gearbox Software’s Borderlands game series. Speaking of robots, your humorous hostess is none other than GLaDOS (pronounced “Gladys”) from Valve’s Portal series.

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