Do we still need Verizon iPhone 4 after new iPod Touch?

Posted in iPhone News, iPod Touch by admin. Published September 6th, 2010

Apple avoided the release of Verizon iPhone and White iPhone 4 in the September 1 event in which the company launched the new line of iPods, Apple TV and iTunes 10. New iPod Touch which Steve Jobs unveiled in the conference has almost everything which makes that iPhone as one of the best smart-phones.

New iPod Touch is being considered as a gift to those who were waiting for Verizon iPhone since Apple launched iPhone 4 in June. iPod Touch 4G has high performance A4 processor, Retina Display, HD Video Recording and Two Camera. The music player also supports FaceTime, which means new iPod Touch owners can have video conferencing with other iPhone Touch or iPhone 4 owners.  One can also make VOIP calls with iPod Touch.

Apple wanted to pass the message to everyone looking for Verizon iPhone that iPhone 4 has to live with AT&T. If you like iPhone then you should get iPod Touch.


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iPod Touch 4G Vibrates, One Step Closer To Becoming an iPhone

Posted in iPhone News, iPod Touch by admin. Published September 5th, 2010

Here’s some interesting information with regard to Apple’s iPod Touch 4G, due to be released in the middle of next week.


According to Apple’s website, it would appear as if the iPod Touch 4G will be equipped with vibrating functionality. Specifically, the website notes that when one user initiates a FaceTime call, the recipient of the invitation will receive a text notice and will also receive a “vibrating alert”.

This most certainly makes for some interesting questions. Will vibrating alerts apply to FaceTime calls only? Or will developers find ways to use vibrating alerts for other purposes?

We’re soon to find out, folks. One thing is for sure, however; the iPod Touch 4G is seemingly one step closer to actually becoming a phone.


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Does the iPod touch have the same screen as the iPhone 4?

Posted in iPhone News, iPod Touch, Rumor by admin. Published September 5th, 2010

When looking at the video above, it seems that the iPod touch 4th generation screen doesn’t have the same wide angle viewing as the iPhone 4 next to it.  This could just be our eyes playing tricks on us (or even the camera) but Apple isn’t clear in the iPod touch literature that the screen is indeed IPS.

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