No Verizon or Sprint for Windows Phone 7 launch

Posted in iPhone News, News by admin. Published September 18th, 2010

No Verizon or Sprint for Windows Phone 7 launch — what was Microsoft thinking?

Microsoft needs the Windows Phone 7 launch to make a big splash if it’s to make any headway against Android and the iPhone. So the news that Windows Phone 7 won’t be available to Verizon or Sprint subscribers until sometime during the first half of 2011 bodes badly for Microsoft. At this rate, it will never catch up.

Microsoft senior product manager Greg Sullivan told CNet that Windows Phone 7 won’t be available for CDMA networks until some time in the first half of 2011. Between the launch and then, it will only work on GSM networks.

That means no Verizon, and no Sprint. Why won’t it launch on CDMA networks? Sullivan told CNet:

“We had to make some trade-offs. Even Microsoft doesn’t have unlimited resources. We had to prioritize doing fewer things really, really well.”

Microsoft would have done well to make running on all phone networks its highest priority. Eliminating a vast swath of your potential customers at a time when your competition is surging and your market share is dropping is not exactly what they teach you in Business 101.

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Apple TV Runs iOS, Opening Door to Apps, Jailbreaking

Posted in iPhone News, News by admin. Published September 18th, 2010

There have been two mysteries about the new Apple TV. 1) Was it still running the old Apple TV’s “Back Row” version of OS X? 2) Just how small is its new pared-down hard drive? Mystery #1 has been solved: just like the  iPhone and iPad, Apple TV is now running iOS 4.

This is important for two reasons:

  1. Right now, there are no apps (and no app marketplace) for Apple TV. Now we know there could be — and not on some imagined next-generation device, but this one, in the not-too-distant future.
  2. The new Apple TV could be amenable to the same jailbreaking techniques that have worked on the iPhone and iPad — so even if Apple doesn’t start a TV app store, someone could start their own if they’re willing to live on the wild side.

Both of these consequences, though, are still a teensy bit dependent on the answer to that other mystery. Until we get a teardown, nobody’s sure exactly how much storage the new Apple TV is packing. If it’s extremely small (like say, a gig or two), there might not be room enough to store a whole bunch of apps, even if you could sideload them through that teensy micro-USB port. But even if it were a mere 16 gigs like the standard iPhone, it would probably serve third-party apps just fine, since most iOS video apps rely on streaming data from the internet.

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IPhone Users Prefer Chicken, Android Users Ribs

Posted in iPhone News, News by admin. Published September 18th, 2010

If you use Apple Inc.’s (AAPL) iPhone, you may be likelier to have more sexual partners than users of other popular smartphones, new data suggests. Meanwhile, BlackBerry owners tend to be more business-minded, and Android users are bird lovers.

Sound like you? As smartphones make inroads into the cellphone market, a growing number of companies are collecting data that profiles who uses which type of phone or phone-operating system.

Just as your car, dog or job can offer clues to your personality type, now your phone, in some ways, may help to define you.

People who use phones with the Android operating system are younger; a higher proportion of 18- to 24-year-olds use Androids than iPhones, according to Nielsen Co.’s Mobile Insights survey.

BlackBerry users are mostly in the 37- to 55-year-old range and tend to use their phones more for business purposes than entertainment. BlackBerry has been around longer and has a larger share of the U.S. market–35% to iPhone’s 28% and Android’s 9%–though the latter two are starting to gain.

IPhone users tend to be more affluent and better educated. As with all smartphones users, iPhone owners are mostly male.

“Younger, male, higher income, more education–that’s along the lines of what you see with a typical early-adopter consumer-products profile,” said Don Kellogg, senior manager of research and insights at Nielsen.

“Apple customers tend to be a little more affluent, but then also some of the Apple products tend to be more expensive in the phone world,” he said.

   IPhone Users Prefer Chicken

They also apparently prefer chicken to pork ribs, which is a favorite among Android users, according to

Patrick Crisp, a spokesman for, said he stumbled upon some notable differences between iPhone and Android users based on their digital coupon behavior with the company’s Grocery iQ shopping-list application, which isn’t available to BlackBerry users.

While women’s body wash was the top coupon used in the body-wash category among iPhone users, men’s body wash topped the list among Android users.

Telling, too, of the iPhone profile was that baby products are overwhelmingly more popular with those users–nearly 42 times more–than Android users, who used pain-relief coupons at double the rate of iPhone users.

And who knew? Android users are bird lovers, while iPhone owners prefer the serenity of fish for pets, based on which pet-food coupons they download.

Also, it turns out iPhone owners may be a bit more promiscuous than other smartphone users, according to, an online dating service. asked its users what kind of phones they use, and then for the 9,785 users who had smartphones, collated that data (on an anonymous basis) with their number of sexual partners. The findings: Women iPhone users had an average of 12.3 partners by the time they turned 30, compared with 8.8 partners for their counterparts who use a BlackBerry, and a mere 6 for those who use Androids. The numbers were similar for 30-year-old men iPhone users.

Android users can take comfort in knowing that they are considered more valuable than iPhone users to advertisers, according to Chitika, an online ad network. That’s because they clicked on ads a whopping 81% more often than people on the iPhone.

And teenagers are far more receptive to mobile ads than their parents or grandparents, according to a separate study by Nielsen. That makes them a perfect target for mobile advertising. Fifty-eight percent of 13- to 17-year-olds said they always or sometimes look at ads compared with 42% in the 35- to 44-years-old range and 28% of those older than 55.

   Fun Facts, And Possibly A Coincidence

Of course, none of this data has any grounding in social science or human behavior. It could all be pure coincidence, not causality: iPhone users tend to be more affluent, which means they may be apt to spend more lavishly than their business-minded colleagues on Blackberries.

Android users are less educated than users of other phones, but they’re much younger too. Of course, they wouldn’t have masters and doctoral degrees in their early 20s.

In other words, don’t try to pick your next mate based on what kind of phone he or she uses.


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