January 10th, 2008
Miscellaneous Things That Make us Smile or Frown
? Every app always retains state when you leave to take a call.
? It doesn’t have wireless syncing of data over EDGE, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth, using local PC, .Mac, or even Google/Yahoo storage. You sync when you dock with your Mac, which is something other phones can do. But hey, you’re charging this thing every day, right? Might as well be by USB.
? Syncing backs up all your stuff, including notes and settings, although you can’t read your notes on the PC.
? No little ring to hang my Kawaii cellphone charms off.
? 700MB taken by system files. No shit, really. No, not really. I think it may be closer to 180MB, thanks to the math of a Richard Graver at EverythingiPhone.com.
? The 4GB unit should be $50 cheaper if they want to move those units.
? GSM buzz is maddening in some docks, and some car tape adapters.
galleryPost(‘iphonereviewscreenshots’, 12, ‘Complete IPhone UI Walkthrough’);

Complete IPhone UI Walkthrough

January 10th, 2008

iPhone0039.jpgCourtesy of Apple’s close ties to itself, the iPhone’s calendar app can sync to iCal easily and painlessly. It’s essentially a portable version of iCal, if iCal had no week view, no task lists, no time zone support, no support for multiple calendar support (creating a new event just dumps it into a new Calendar on sync) and quirky alarm support. Even with these deficiencies, it matches up pretty well to Windows Mobile 6’s portable calendar.

iPhone0040.jpgWhat the Calendar app does have is nice. The list view displays all your appointments in a giant list. The day view displays seven hours at a time, and the month view shows the days of the month where you have something going on, plus a mini list view below so you can get a quick glance at what’s scheduled.

iPhone0041.jpgThe thing’s we’re definitely taking points off for is the absence of a task list (c’mon, what the hell?), and no multiple calendar support (this is a mess you have to clean up every time you sync). We want these things fixed as soon as possible. [top]

January 10th, 2008

iPhone0036.jpgThe stocks app looks similar to the OS X Dashboard stock widget, just like Clock and Weather, which makes us question why these three apps weren’t just placed under a widgets section instead of being made top-level. When Apple has enough good top-level apps, we’re sure these will be buried. In any case, there are a variety of views ranging from 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, and 2 years. It, like Weather, is based off Yahoo.

The good news is that the search function works off actual company names in addition to tickers, which helps people (like me) who have no idea what they’re doing when it comes to stocks. But the bad news is that thanks to either EDGE or Yahoo’s own servers, stock charts can error out occasionally when you try to view them.

You can add an unlimited amount of stocks, but there’s no way to reorder them to have your most important six on top (unless you delete everything and start over). Scrolling through everything uses the finger flicking, which works fine here.

We wish it would auto update (it doesn’t update unless you go into the app), and allowed you to set an alert if a certain stock goes above or below a certain price. [top]

iPhone0043.jpg The 2-megapixel camera takes shots rich with color in plain daylight. It fails to do well with movement, and low light shots are grainy with bad halo effects. I rate it just below the cameras in Nokia and Sony Ericsson phones. I’m happy with still performance, despite the lack of any color, lighting, file size tweaking or zoom. We definitely agree with Pogue here. The big freaking problem is that there’s no video mode on the camera. And there aren’t even rudimentary edit tools, either, which again, isn’t necessary for the bulk of the people who buy this phone. However, the camera as a whole is, at best, a glossed-over implementation. But are we still going to use it? Yes.

To get your photos onto your computer, you’ll have to sync with iPhoto, which means everytime you dock, both that and iTunes need to start up. [top]

iPhone0037.jpgYouTube over Wi-Fi is probably the best mobile implementation of YouTube we’ve seen yet, both based on quality and on the user experience. YouTube on EDGE, however, is another matter. Not only are videos slow like 56k porn to download, the quality is degraded to the point where you’re going to have a hard time making out faces and asses. And thanks to the fact that the YouTube and Apple collaboration is still in its early stages, 15-20% of videos we’ve tried can’t be played even when the connection is up. If you try multiple times, it may eventually play, but at this point it’s fairly buggy.

iPhone0038.jpgOn the other hand, the actual interface Apple came up with is quite nice. Bookmarking videos and searching videos is definitely convenient. The UI for browsing videos is clean, and scrolling through lists (with clear, high resolution bookmarks) with finger flicking is fast. Not all the YouTube content is there now, but it will be by fall.

Some of the gripes we’ve had were the fact that the most viewed for “Today” never updates (it’s the same as the most viewed of all time), the delay in emailing someone a video, the fact that you can only view videos in landscape (which is nice most of the time, but we’d like the option to flip it to portrait), and the screen being neither 4:3 or widescreen, which causes black bars unless you zoom in and cut off part of the picture. The name of a video’s owner doesn’t hyperlink to the rest of the owner’s videos.

IMG_0397.jpg When comparing EDGE video quality to Helio Ocean’s YouTube offering over 3G, Helio’s is noticeably better (but not incredibly better). When on Wi-Fi, the iPhone beats the Ocean hands down. [top]


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