January 21st, 2008
By: Christopher Meinck

Belkin today announced an assortment of new cases for the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPod.

Belkin iPhone case

Click to enlarge.

New iPhone and iPod Touch cases include:

  • Formed Leather with Removable Belt Clip: Features premium formed leather construction, screen protection, removable stainless steel belt clip and allows for full accessibility to the screen and navigation.
  • Micro Grip Case: Durable molded rubber construction, reflective lining material and hand washable.
  • Sport Armband Plus with FastFit system: Features FastFit, an adjustable one-handed clamp fastening system. Holster detaches from armband to clip onto clothing or bag. Clear screen protector and made from water wicking material. Features reflective highlights for use durning nightime. Cable capsule manages earphones in flexible rubber dome.
Belkin Armband Plus for iPod Touch

Click to enlarge.

Belkin has also announced the release of a variety of iPod Nano and iPod Classic cases.

January 20th, 2008

Teenager George Hotz, aka GeoHot, the original iPhone unlocker is back. In a post to his personal blog he states that he has successfully unlocked a 1.1.2 firmware and bootloader 4.6 iPhone. Better yet, he posts the not-for-dummies version of the instructions to downgrade the bootloader to version 3.9 in preparation for running AnySim. We haven’t tried this ourselves so remember, as GeoHot himself states, this hardware method “could brick your iPhone.” You haven’t upgraded to 1.1.3 already have you? If so, you’re stuck with AT&T.

Update: We’re now hearing that a software unlock for 1.1.2 / 4.6 iPhones is right around the corner. So don’t crack that case just yet kids.

January 20th, 2008

GMail gets IMAP on iPhoneIf you’re both an iPhone and GMail user then you might have another reason to eschew any illicit unlocking and go straight for the 1.1.3 firmware upgrade: it quietly changes the connection between the Google email service and the Apple handset from POP to IMAP. Basically, that means that any changes performed on the iPhone – such as marking emails as read – are mirrored on the desktop GMail interface, and vice-versa.

“If you configured Gmail access on your iPhone by tapping the large ‘Gmail’ icon in mail setup, please note that installing software update 1.1.3 will automatically convert Gmail on your iPhone from POP access to IMAP access. This means that actions you take on your iPhone will now sync with actions in your Gmail web interface (i.e. messages you read on your iPhone will show up as ‘Read’ in the web interface). This also means that messages you delete on your iPhone will be moved to the Trash folder in the Gmail web interface, and thus deleted after 30 days. Please exercise caution when deleting messages, as this behavior is markedly different from POP access” Google FAQ

[via Krunker]


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