January 19th, 2008

The iPhone has received two major software updates since I reviewed it in June 2007, so I decided to take a fresh look at the new features this week.

Overall, the changes are pretty minor, but welcome, and they don’t change the main conclusions of my iPhone review. Basically, the iPhone is a marvelous device, an excellent media player and Web browser that unfortunately has trouble with phone call quality. Still, the improvements fulfill Apple’s promise to keep delivering new features to what is in the end just a tiny PC running Mac OS X.

One warning: if you’ve hacked your iPhone, and especially if you’ve unlocked your iPhone, you might be beyond the pale. Apple has said publicly that updates may make hacked iPhones useless.

Here’s how the iPhone has changed.

The iTunes WiFi Store: If you’re connected to Wi-Fi, you can now browse and buy songs from iTunes, including unprotected iTunes Plus tracks. It’s very easy to peruse and purchase tracks, and songs bought on your iPhone sync back to your PC. You can only buy music, though ? not videos.

Custom ringtones: You now have the option to turn your purchased iTunes Store songs into ringtones for an extra 99 cents. You can use Apple’s GarageBand ’08 with unprotected music to create free ringtones. That’s a very quick task in GarageBand ? you basically just select a chunk of a music file and choose one menu option.

Home screen enhancements: To make up for the lack of third-party applications and promote the idea of “Web apps,” Apple lets you put your Web bookmarks on the phone’s home screen, just as if they were apps.

It’s actually a seductive trick, because you start getting lulled into thinking they’re real applications (until you’re out of network coverage, of course.) In my case, I placed my Microsoft Outlook Webmail on the home screen to make me feel like I had Outlook connectivity ? losing that extra click of digging into the Safari bookmarks made a big difference in usability. Since you can now add icons to the home screen, you can also easily rearrange icons, including bumping them to one of nine ‘extra’ home screens you scroll through by flicking your finger. While you can’t delete the iTunes Music Store, at least you can exile it to another screen.

Better maps: Using the magic of cell tower or Wi-Fi hotspot triangulation (not GPS), you can click on a little ‘bullseye’ icon in the Maps application and have it figure out where you are. When I tried it in several New York locales, it always got my location to within a block. Flipping up a preference pane with a cute animation lets you switch to Google’s satellite view or drop custom ‘pins’ into your maps, marking your favorite locations. There are also improvements to the driving-directions feature. I found it worked just like Google Maps ? fine with some routes, and a bit odd with others.

More SMS: You can now store more than 1000 SMS messages, and you can broadcast SMS to multiple recipients, with the results appearing on your iPhone in a chat-room-type layout.

Better e-mail: The IMAP client has been stabilized and now actually works with Google. That means you get your GMail folders.

Manual media management: You don’t have to ‘sync’ your iPhone according to playlists and rules any more; you can manually drag over just the songs and videos you want in iTunes.

Data entry tweaks: Though the touch keyboard still takes getting used to, Apple has been refining the typing experience. Now, if you press two keys down at once, it will type them in the order you pressed them. Hitting the space bar twice inserts a period and a space as well.

Lots of other tiny stuff: There’s plenty of other enhancements to talk about, but it’s all tiny, like lyrics support in iTunes (I’ve never seen an iTunes song with lyrics) and chapter support while playing movies.

All these updates don’t address my biggest concern, however, which is call quality. The earpiece was a bit louder than before. But I still get a hiss in the earpiece when making phone calls and static on the in-ear feedback, the speakerphone is still much too quiet, and transmissions sound like they’re underwater. While Apple says its September update improved call quality and volume, I just didn’t hear enough of a change.

There’s still no stereo Bluetooth either, no audio or video recording, and no Flash support in the browser. In addition, the phone still uses AT&T’s EDGE network rather than the carrier’s faster 3G network. You still can’t enter email in landscape mode, delete multiple e-mail messages or solve certain other minor complaints that aren’t listed above. And there’s still no way to do instant messaging or picture messaging to other phones. That last concern may change in February, when Apple opens up the iPhone to thousands of possible third party applications. I can’t wait.

January 19th, 2008

By Nic Fildes

Apple’s iPhone has lived up to expectations as the most-talked about handset ever released, with O2 revealing that its successful bid to sell the device exclusively in the UK had triggered a three-fold increase in the number of people visiting its stores over the past two months.

The iPhone is only available in the UK in O2 and Apple stores and in Carphone Warehouse’s extensive chain. The O2 figures will please investors in Carphone Warehouse, where the shares have come under pressure over recent weeks on concerns that iPhone sales have not matched the hype as a result of a slowdown on the UK high street in the wake of the credit crunch. Carphone reports results today but will not detail the number of iPhones it has sold due to a non-disclosure agreement with Apple.

The iconic mobile phone has generated substantial interest among O2 consumers. Just having the device on the shelves has tempted three times as many customers into its 450 stores in the UK than in the same period a year earlier, said a company spokesman.

Even though many of those customers may have decided against spending ?269 to buy the handset, some may have been tempted to replace their phone with a newer model anyway after seeing the functionality of Apple’s handset. Customers that at least flirted with the idea of buying an iPhone and subscribing to a ?35-a-month contract are likely to be high-spending contract customers, a key target market for mobile phone companies looking to whittle down the number of low-paying prepay customers they support.

The retail footfall boost will increase confidence that O2 had a good quarter in the run-up to Christmas with some investors nervous that the credit crunch may have curtailed growth rates over a period usually characterised by a significant pick-up in demand.

The company, which is owned by Spain’s Telefonica, will report results in late February. Reports of pressure in the prepay market over Christmas are less likely to impact O2 than some of its rivals given the company has been shedding low-paying pay-as-you-go customers over the past year.

January 17th, 2008
On2’s flagship multi-format video encoding platform update released to create iPhone, iPod, and QuickTime compatible video
SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 17 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — On2 Technologies, Inc., , a leader in video compression solutions, announced today at Macworld Conference and Expo 2008 that it has released a new update to its popular Flix Engine for creating Apple iPhone compatible video. Flix Engine is a leading server side encoding platform used by a large number of Web 2.0 websites and leading enterprises for creating video in multiple formats, including video for Adobe(R) Flash(R) Player 8 and 9, H.264 and 3GPP. As a result of this announcement, Flix Engine now also supports Apple QuickTime files for iPhone and iPod, providing video programmers and service providers support for the leading video formats for web and mobile video within a single encoding platform.
“Flix Engine is already the video encoding platform of many prominent and well known IP video services, including leading user generated content and web video sites,” said Bill Joll, president and CEO of On2 Technologies. “With support for iPhone, we are adding the capability for service providers to now reach one of the breakthrough video products that has recently been introduced in the market, as well as the video iPod. Importantly, service providers can efficiently purpose content for multiple platforms simultaneously with Flix Engine.”
On2 Flix Engine is a video encoding software development kit (SDK) with industry standard API’s for building encoding applications. Flix Engine is available in Windows and Linux versions. Currently shipping, the new update is provided as a free upgrade to Flix Engine.
On2 executives are available at the company’s booth (# W-4242) at Macworld Conference and Expo 2008 being held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, January 15-18, 2008. For more information about licensing On2 Flix Engine, visit www.on2.com or write to sales@on2.com. About On2 Technologies, Inc.
On2 Technologies ensures a compelling video experience for any video application anywhere. From low bit rate to high definition, On2 provides optimized video compression technology enabling innovative solutions for application developers, content and service providers, chip vendors, device manufacturers, digital signage companies and beyond.
Through continual innovation, On2 satisfies the toughest quality, bandwidth, and power requirements for video. The company’s proprietary (TrueMotion(R) VP6(TM), VP7(TM)) and standards based (MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.263, H.264, VC-1) codecs dominate the video market, with more than 1 billion deployments on desktops worldwide and more than 200+ million in mobile; they are also proven in silicon with over 25 semiconductor manufacturers globally.
Established in 1992 and headquartered in Tarrytown, New York, On2 has offices and partners in Finland, Germany, UK, Japan, China, Taiwan and Korea. Customers include Nokia, Samsung, Sony, Freescale, AMS, Atmel, Adobe/Macromedia, AOL, Sony, Skype, Facebook, VideoEgg, Brightcove, Move Networks and XM Satellite Radio. For more information please visit www.on2.com.
Trademarks mentioned in this release are property of their respective owners.


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