Transfer content from your iPhone to Galaxy S5

Posted in iPhone News, iPhone Tips by admin. Published April 12th, 2014

This free tool makes it easy to get your contacts, photos, calendar, and other settings from your iPhone to the new Galaxy S5.

Jason Cipriani/CNET

It’s natural to dread the process of changing from iOS to Android. To begin, Apple does the inexplicable by holding your phone number hostage with iMessage, and getting your vital information from iOS to Android can be a chore. Then there’s figuring out how to get your information out of Apple’s ecosystem, and into Google’s.

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What Kind Of Person Prefers An iPhone?

Posted in iPhone News by admin. Published April 12th, 2014

My post about reasons for switching to iPhone from Android  spurred many comments, including quite a few that went to “what kind of person you must be to have made that decision” [some a bit less than flattering]. This made me wonder how, in actual fact, people who prefer the iPhone differ from people who prefer Android. In particular, I’m impressed that iPhone holds a strong lead over Android in app quality several years after Android surpassed iPhone in market share: new apps and new features keep arriving on iPhone well before Android. What might the characteristics of iPhone users tell me about why that happens, and how long it is likely to last?

I turned to a market research tool called CivicScience(1) that is very well suited to answering these questions. CivicScience constantly runs surveys on hundreds of web sites, asking questions about products, preferences, and respondents’ backgrounds. They have compiled a database of over 300 million responses from 27 million people. I searched this database, looking for relationships between consumers’ preference for iPhone versus Android, their preferences for other products, and their demographics.

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Can Samsung’s Galaxy S5 take on the next iPhone?

Posted in iPhone News by admin. Published April 12th, 2014

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 boasts a variety of new features, but does it have what it takes to prevent users from jumping back on the Apple bandwagon when the next generation iPhone with a potentially larger-screen is launched?

The new flagship Android smartphone is being rolled out worldwide on Friday amid an increasingly tough environment for smartphone makers as the industry moves toward commoditization.

The phone’s stand-out features are its ability to survive when submerged in water, or to act as a heart-rate monitor for personal-fitness tracking. There is also a fingerprint scanner for biometric screen locking – a feature introduced by Apple in its iPhone 5S last year.

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