iPhone 7 will have bigger battery, according to factory leaks

Posted in iPhone News, Rumor by admin. Published May 5th, 2016

The forthcoming iPhone 7 will have a slightly larger battery than its predecessors the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, according to a post on Chinese social media site Weibo.

The person who posted the images, purported to be taken inside an iPhone assembly factor, claimed the iPhone 7 will sport a 1735 mAH capacity battery, while the larger iPhone 7 Plus’ will be 2810 mAH – up from the current 1715 mAH and 2750 mAH.

9to5Mac points out that while this translates in theory to prolonged battery life, the effic

Apple was criticised for focusing on software updates with the release of the iPhone 6s last September rather than making radical hardware overhauls, meaning the 6 and 6s cycles look identical, bar the introduction of the rose gold shade.

The iPhone 7’s camera lens is also likely to sit in-line with its body and its plastic antenna bands will no longer stretch across its surface, reports suggest.

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iPhone is the most influential gadget of all Time

Posted in iPhone News by admin. Published May 5th, 2016

Not all smartphone or gadget users may agree with Time’s assessment of the 50 Most Influential Gadgets Of All Time, but the magazine has picked Apple’s iPhone as the most influential gadget ever. There’s no doubt that the iPhone has revolutionized the smartphone business and has disrupted the market for personal computing as well. Time editors believe this single device was more influential than any other recent technological innovation.

“Apple was the first company to put a truly powerful computer in the pockets of millions when it launched the iPhone in 2007,” Time wrote. “Smartphones had technically existed for years, but none came together as accessibly and beautifully as the iPhone.”

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A Chinese company can use the name ‘iPhone’ for non-Apple products, court rules

Posted in iPhone News by admin. Published May 4th, 2016

A long-drawn-out battle has been ensuing between tech giant Apple and a Chinese company you probably haven’t heard of — and it’s not looking good for Silicon Valley’s star child. Apple recently lost a trademark suit against Beijing’s Xintong Tiandi Technology, which has been selling leather goods like handbags, cell phone cases, and more with the brand name “IPHONE,” Quartz reported.

The trademark dispute between Apple and the local Chinese company began in 2012 as Apple fought to gain exclusive rights over the iPhone brand. The trademark authority in China as well as a lower Beijing court dismissed Apple’s claims. Apple appealed but on March 31st, The Beijing Municipal High People’s Court rejected the appeal, allowing Xintong Tiandi to keep selling its IPHONE products, local media Legal Daily reported.

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