Tweetbot iPhone app one of the best out there

Posted in iPhone News by admin. Published April 16th, 2011

Tweetbot is the latest Twitter app for the iPhone and one that’s been getting some buzz since its debut this week.

Available from Tapbots, Tweetbot gives iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users yet another alternative to Twitter’s official mobile app and other Twitter mobile clients. And though it’ll cost you $1.99, Tweetbot offers a nicely designed look and feel and a healthy array of features, easily turning into it one of my favorite Twitter apps.

After you log in for the first time, Tweetbot provides a quick tutorial. From there, you’re taken to your timeline where you can view the tweets you follow.

A navigation bar at the bottom of the screen displays the usual array of buttons to switch among different views, including your timeline, the tweets in which you’re mentioned, and your direct messages. Tapping each of the last two buttons on the bar opens small pop-up windows with multiple selections. So from those two buttons you can navigate to four different sections, including your lists, your favorites, retweets by others, and a search window.

A search bar at the top of the timeline helps you track down specific tweets either by name or content. The app can also alert you with an audible tweet when your timeline gets updated, though you can turn that option off. And as with other robust Twitter apps, you can set up and view multiple timelines.

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Run iPhone apps in your web browser with Pieceable Viewer

Posted in iPhone News by admin. Published April 13th, 2011

One of the more frustrating things about the iTunes App Store is buyer’s remorse. There’s no way to sample an app before you commit to buying it — once you click the button to purchase it, it’s yours. Your only recourse is to leave scathing feedback to warn off others or call Apple (AAPL) and try to convince someone in customer service that you clicked the purchase button by mistake. Apparently that works sometimes.

But soon, App Store customers might have the try-before-you-buy capabilities that owners of devices running Google’s (GOOG) Android operating system enjoy with that market’s refund system. Pieceable, a startup that’s part of i/o Ventures, today released a product that allows iPhone app developers to make fully functional Flash versions of their apps available on the Internet, allowing users to mess around with them without downloading the app to their devices.

The product is called Pieceable Viewer, and according to a story from TechCrunch, it’s pretty easy for developers to create web versions of their apps for a number of purposes. From a user perspective, the best use of Pieceable Viewer is to share apps and vet them a little bit before buying them — developers get all kinds of marketing pluses from having a trial version of their apps floating around, instead of just YouTube videos showing what someone else has done.

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Incredible iPhone Apps at Lockport

Posted in iPhone News by admin. Published April 12th, 2011

If you own an Apple iPhone or other SmartPhone, and are curious about “apps,” this is the program for you! Bring your Apple iPhone, or other SmartPhone, and IT Manager Fernando Alfonso, Lemont Public Library, will show you the latest cool applications (apps) and answer questions.

Held in the Lockport Branch Community Room.

Walk-ins also welcome!

Contact: adult services staff, 815-838-0755


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