Gorgeous video demonstrates the iPhone’s amazing camera quality

Posted in iPhone News by admin. Published February 8th, 2016

Apple regularly touts its iPhone as offering the best mobile camera quality on the market, but don’t take the company’s word for it. Peep this new video by Nicolas Vuignier, who used his iPhone 6 to shoot a spectacular bullet-time-style video of him skiing down a mountain.

Vuignier attached the device to the end of a rope, and swung it around to create the effect. The footage turned out a lot better than you’d think, and the slow motion feature of the device works perfectly for the situation. Vuignier said this experiment took him two years to perfect, and his patience very clearly paid off.

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iPhone 5se (iPhone 6c/iPhone mini) UK release date, specification and size rumours: Apple expected to launch on 15 March 2016

Posted in iPhone News, Rumor by admin. Published February 8th, 2016

Barely weeks after the new iPhones launched in September came the inevitable rumours of next year’s models. Here we take a look at the rumours of a 4-inch mini iPhone which is expected to launch on 15 March 2016. Updated: 5 February 2016 with updated release date.

Not everyone wants a big phone, and the latest rumours point to Apple returning to a 4in screen, the size used for the iPhone 5, 5S and 5C. AppleInsider says that analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s predictions in the past have been accurate and his latest is that there will be a smaller option in Apple’s 2016 lineup to cater for the demand which still exists for smaller phones.

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List of most popular iPhone models might surprise you

Posted in iPhone News by admin. Published February 7th, 2016

For years, Apple remained steadfast in its position that smartphones with bigger screens were unwieldy and not user friendly. In fact, Apple in 2012 released an iPhone 5 commercial boasting that the device, on account of its 4-inch form factor, could be operated comfortably with one’s thumb.

“That’s either a) an amazing coincidence,” the commercial says, “or b) a dazzling display of common sense.”

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