Outlook for iOS is now the best email client for the iPhone

Posted in iPhone News, iPhone product by admin. Published August 27th, 2015

For a platform that has a decent built in email app, the iPhone has a surprisingly large array of third party contenders vying for your attention. It’s an interesting situation, as any casual users never really feel the need to use anything beyond the default app that Apple includes with the iPhone. But for heavy email addicts, there’s an embarrassment of riches, with a number of alternative apps, each delivering their own small improvements to the email experience.

Recently, Microsoft introduced its own email client for iOS and called it Outlook to capitalize on its long history with email on the desktop. The surprising thing is that Outlook hits a home run. It’s one of the best — if not the best — email app for iOS.

Outlook starts strong with broad support for pretty much every kind of email. Most email clients for iOS have clever features, but only support a few kinds of email. Outlook, on the other hand, gives you a universal inbox for POP, IMAP, Exchange mail, Gmail, and other common webmail services, and pushes all of it so you get notifications for all inbound email, not just Exchange mail. It’s a much welcomed agnostic approach that is uncharacteristic of Microsoft.

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iPhone prank has Apple fans praising Android features

Posted in iPhone News by admin. Published August 6th, 2015

Prank victims were told this iPhone was running iOS 9, but it was actually running an approximation of Android.
Prank victims were told this iPhone was running iOS 9, but it was actually running an approximation of Android. Photo: YouTube

Could you tell the difference between Android and Apple’s iOS if someone handed you a phone?

Some apparently can’t, as this YouTube video shows iPhone loyalists (and even some Android fans) ready to accept and praise software presented to them as the future of iOS, despite the fact it features notable Android features like the Google search widget, three-button action bar and a moveable miniplayer widget.

After claiming to have installed Android on an iPhone 6, Dutch pair Alexander Spoor and Sacha Harland from the YouTube channel Dit Is Normal took to the streets to try to convince people it was the soon-to-be-released iOS 9. Many of their targets appeared to take the bait.

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How to install iOS 9 on your iPhone & iPad today: Get the new iOS 9 public beta

Posted in iPhone News, iPhone Tips by admin. Published July 11th, 2015

Here’s how to download and install the latest iOS 9 beta and join the public beta programme on your iPhone or iPad right now – months ahead of the official public launch this autumn. We show you how to install the beta on your device.

How can I install iOS 9 on my iPhone and iPad now? I want to try out iOS 9 right away, and don’t want to wait for the public launch!

iOS 9, the next version of Apple’s iPhone/iPad operating system software, was unveiled at WWDC 2015 at the start of June. But for most owners of Apple devices, seeing the exciting new features in iOS 9 was a bit of a tease – because they won’t be able to get hold of iOS 9 for months. (When will iOS 9 launch to the general public? We discuss the iOS 9 launch date in more depth in a separate article, but probably in September, alongside either the iPhone 7.)

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