Apple Takes A Bite Out Of Microsoft’s PC Market Share, Browser Use

Posted in iPhone News by admin. Published May 3rd, 2011


New data suggests something surprising: Microsoft’s dominance of the computer game is still in place, but it’s slipping. It’s losing its browser lead, too. But who’s munching MS’s market share? It’s Apple–with both Macs and iOS devices.

Netmarketshare, a company that describes its business as “global market statistics and news” in mapping “significant trends for internet usage” released a new report over the weekend that charts how different companies’ products are accessing the web. It contained a statistic that will be well received at Apple’s Cupertino HQ: Its iOS marketshare among computers just gained a “record” 0.37% in April–bringing the share of devices up to a new total of 2.24%. This statistic by definition calls iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches personal computers, on the same level as a Windows PC or even an Apple Mac, and that’s controversial. But Apple critics can take note that Google’s Android is classified the same way, and the statistic does mean that one in fifty devices around the world used to access the Net (how Netmarketshare acquires their data) is powered by iOS. Macs themselves reached a new high of 5.4% market share.

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White iPhone 4 pushes iPad 2 off, backlogged on Verizon+AT&T

Posted in iPhone News by admin. Published May 2nd, 2011

There was a time when the white iPhone 4 didn’t officially exist, according to But as Michael Scott once said, how the turntables have… yeah, nevermind. The point is this: in a sign of just how much Apple is hoping you’ll allow the newly arrived white model to inspire you to take the plunge on the iPhone 4 at this late date in its lifecycle, the white iPhone 4 has seized control of from top to bottom.

It’s taken the lead spot on the front page (without the black model alongside it), relegating the still-new iPad 2 to the bottom of the front page. The iPhone-specific section of Apple’s website at least acknowledges that the black iPhone 4 still exists, but the white model is again front and center. But good luck getting one without waiting for at least a bit, as online white iPhone 4 orders for both the Verizon and AT&T iteration are backlogged by three to five days.

And that says something interesting in and of itself.First, there’s enough demand for the white iPhone 4 that Apple can’t get them out the door quite fast enough. But on the other hand, the reasonable wait times mean that unlike with the iPad 2 which Apple barely bothered to manufacture any ahead of launch, there does appear to be a respectable amount of white iPhone 4 inventory to go around – just not quite enough to keep up with healthy demand.

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Why the White iPhone 4 is 200 Microns Thicker?

Posted in iPhone News by admin. Published May 2nd, 2011

Much to the delight of Apple fans the White iPhone 4 was finally launched a few days ago. Not long after the White iPhone 4 was launched it was found out that the White iPhone 4 is 200 microns thicker than the Black iPhone 4.

Apple has not given any official statement explaining why there was a difference in the thickness of the two phones but there were a lot of guesses made by a lot of people.

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